SfAA-EPA Collaboration Reports

Elizabeth C. Babcock, EAP Intern - The EPA and Environmentalism in Chicago: Recommendations for a Community Based Approach

Jill Blankenship - Final Report for SfAA Environmental Internship

Sara Jo Breslow - Farmers’ Perceptions of Salmon Habitat Restoration Measures: Loss and Contestation

Sandra Crismon, EAP Intern - The Watershed Protection Approach on the Ground: Examining Participation and Environmental Justice Issues in EPA Region 4 Watershed Projects

David Driscoll, EAP Fellow - SfAA/EPA Fellowship Report

David Driscoll, EAP Fellow - Eastward Ho!/Brownfields Technical Assistance Project

Madeleine Fortin - Pariah, Florida

Kathleen A. Gillogly amd Eve C. Pinsker - Networks and Fragmentation Among Community Environmental Groups of Southeast Chicago

Monica S. Hunter - Friends of the Estuary at Morro Bay, California

Eric T. Jones - Environmental Anthropology Fellowship Final Report

Michael L. Kronthal, EAP Intern - Local Residents, the Anacostia River and "Community"

Johnelle Lamarque - Where Communities and Organizations Where Communities and Organizations Meet: Applying Anthropology to Lead Education in Philadelphia

Frank Lucido - Dryland Wheat Growers and the EPA Region X, Community-Based Columbia Plateau Agricultural Initiative (CPAI)

R. Shawn Maloney, SfAA/EPA Environmental Fellow - Pfiesteria Project

R. Shawn Maloney, SfAA/EPA Environmental Fellow - Using Anthropology to Address Environmental and Sustainable Development Issues in Rural Areas: The Case of Pfiesteria piscicida on Maryland's Lower Eastern Shore

Cheryl Darlene McClary, EAP Fellow - The "Chip Mill" Issue: Sustainable Forestry

Laura Ogden, Consulting Anthropologist - Governor's Commission for a Sustainable South Florida

Stephanie Paladino - Perceptions of a Changing Environment in Madison County, Georgia and some Implications for River Conservation

Julie M. Pelle, EAP Intern - Environmental Justice: Comparing Neighborhood Riskscapes Within Hamilton County, Ohio

Aaron Scrol, SfAA Environmental Anthropology Fellow - The Community Dynamics of Source Water Protection: The Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe

John V. Stone, SfAA Environmental Anthropology Fellow - Risk Perception Mapping Demonstration Project

Mark Wamsley - Responding to Pfiesteria: Increasing Stakeholder Understanding and Collaboration Through Anthropological Research