Chapter 24

Claudio Esteva Fabregat: A Four-Fields Anthropologist in Spain
Thomas Weaver

Being an Anthropologist: A Reflection
Claudio Esteva Fabregat

Trained in Mexico in the 1940s, Claudio Esteva Fabregat (1918–) returned to his native Spain in 1956 where he established the first anthropology program in Spain based on the four-field approach (exposing students to cultural anthropology, physical anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics). He conducted fieldwork in Mexico, Africa, South America, Spain, and New Mexico, focusing on such applied topics as problems of migration, urban adaptation, interethnic relations, and acculturation. In his 1994 Malinowski Award address, Esteva Fabregat considered how the respective ethnic histories of Mexico and the U.S. and access to native populations within their borders contributed to the development of distinctive anthropologies. He argued that academic anthropology cannot be justified without application in the same way that academic medicine cannot be justified without the practice of medicine.