Chapter 18

Frederick L. W. Richardson: Industrial and Organizational Research
Thomas Weaver

Career Development, Strategies, Discoveries, and Turning Points
Frederick L. W. Richardson

After receiving his Ph.D. from Harvard in 1941, Frederick L. W. Richardson (1909–1988) contributed to the war effort by working the Middle East intelligence and consulting with the Department of Agriculture on third world food production. After the war he spent 33 years in organization research, consulting, and teaching at a variety of institutions. Due to Richardson’s ill health, his 1998 Malinowski Award address was never published. A paper he sent to the Society for Applied Anthropology at the time of his nomination is published here in lieu of his address. In this document Richardson outlined the trajectory of his career and his research on industrialism and human interaction. He focused particularly on strategies for analyzing and transforming adversarial into collaborative relationships in business.