Information for Potential Reviewers

Human Organization now has an electronic submission and review portal.  Please go to to sign up to review.

Human Organization is always seeking to identify qualified reviewers for submitted manuscripts. Many of you have already responded to the following survey, which was distributed at the annual meetings, printed in Practicing Anthropology, and enclosed with the annual dues statement. But if you have not already sent one to us, please take a moment to fill one out. Return it to the Editorial Office at the address below.

For each of the following items, please indicate up to 5 responses that best reflect your current interests. Be as general or as specific as you care to be in describing your areas of expertise. Your descriptions will be the basis for contacting you to review manuscripts.

  • Your name, telephone numbers, and e-mail address
  • Topical areas (e.g., health care, education, international development)
  • Action areas (e.g., policy analysis, community organization, program evaluation)
  • Methodological orientation (e.g., quantitative analysis, oral history, spatial analysis)
  • Theoretical orientation (e.g., cultural ecology, dependency theory)
  • Other disciplinary affiliations or affinities (e.g., public health, geography)
  • Geographic area

Preferred electronic mailing address for correspondence that cannot occur via our portal at should be addressed to:


Currently Reviewing a Manuscript

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a manuscript reviewer. In your review please consider the questions below. However, you do not need to restrict your comments to these points. We are interested in your own comprehensive assessment of the manuscript.

There is a space for "Comments to Editor" and a space for "Comments to the Author". The latter are the most useful as this is what is shared with the author. In your "Comments to the Editor" please note your recommendation:  Accept, Accept with Revisions, or Reject.

  • Does the manuscript fit within the scope of the journal? Ideally, Human Organization publishes articles that advance, synthesize, and interpret the application of anthropological method and theory to the analysis and solution of practical problems in the contemporary world. In addition to articles reporting on original research, the journal publishes articles detailing innovative methodological and engaged research practices.
  • What is the main topic or argument of this manuscript and what important questions does it address? Are the findings significant within the field of applied anthropology? Do the data/evidence presented adequately support the manuscript's claims?
  • Does the manuscript adequately cite and engage with scholarship in applied anthropology and related social science disciplines?
  • Is the manuscript coherently organized and well-written?

Reviews should be submitted via our electronic portal at


Mail Delivery

Nancy Romero-Daza and David Himmelgreen
Department of Anthropology
University of South Florida
4202 E. Fowler Avenue, SOC 107
Tampa, FL 33620