Workshop #7


Cultural Consensus Analysis (SASci)

Friday, April 6
1:30-6:30 pm    Note change of date and time.

GATEWOOD, John (Lehigh U) and LOWE, John (Cultural Analysis Grp) Cultural Consensus Analysis. This half-day workshop is an introduction to cultural consensus analysis and how to use it to study the social organization of knowledge. Topics include: the original problem to which consensus analysis is an answer; the “formal” versus the “informal” methods and the kinds of data collections appropriate for each; the need to counter-balance items when using the informal method; number of questions needed for reliable assessments of respondent-by-respondent similarity; using consensus analysis to study sub-cultural variation; and how different distributional patterns of knowledge affect the key indicators of consensus. Discussion of technical issues in participants’ research, as time allows. 


Limited to 20 participants - Cost $40