Workshop #4


Teaching Business Anthropology: Opportunities for Departments and Students

Wednesday, April 4
12:00-3:20 pm

MORAIS, Robert J. (Columbia Business Sch), BRIODY, Elizabeth K. (Cultural Keys LLC), and DE WAAL MALEFYT, Timothy (Fordham U) Teaching Business Anthropology: Opportunities for Departments and Students. Business Anthropology has gained traction as a career path for graduates at all levels; opportunities include marketing, consumer research, advertising, organizational change, and design. Yet, few anthropology departments teach business anthropology. This workshop will offer instruction and generate discussion on teaching business anthropology courses, creating degree programs, and offering business anthropology in business schools. Participants who have taught business anthropology will share their experiences and syllabi; participants who wish to teach it will learn and voice needs and potential barriers to teaching business anthropology; students will express their views on business anthropology training and learn about pedagogy in this sub-field.


Limited to 25 participants - Cost $30