Wednesday, March 20

WEDNESDAY 8:00-5:00
Skyline IV
SfAA Board Meeting

(W-03) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Broadway II
Anthropological Perspectives on the Impact of Health and Social Systems on People with Addiction

HEDWIG, Travis (UAA) Barriers to Community for Adults with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) in Anchorage, Alaska
FIDDIAN-GREEN, Alice (UMass SPH) From Drug Scares to Community Crises: Maternal Opioid Use Disorder and Contingent Narratives of Redemption
KIELY, Daniel and PATERNO, Mary T. (UMass) Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome Scoring as a Mechanism of Power
LAMONICA, Aukje (S CT State U) and BOERI, Miriam (Bentley U) “Crack Babies” Déjà vu: Opioids Using Mothers’ Experiences with Health Service Providers


(W-04) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Broadway III
Diversity, Inclusion and Equity (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIR: WOLFORTH, Lynne Mackin (Hawaiʻi CC)
JOHNSON, Lauren (U N Georgia) Educating Beyond Borders: Teacher Education, Immigration Policy, and the Undocumented Student Ban in Georgia
WOLFORTH, Lynne Mackin (Hawaiʻi CC) The Indigenized Classroom: My Journey through Hawaiʻi Papa O Ke Ao
FORERO-PENA, Alcira (LaGuardia CC, CUNY) Turbulent Times for Educated Women in Kerala, India
OLMO, Angelique (Teachers Coll-Columbia U) Power and Agency: Women in Higher Education in Thailand


(W-05) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Broadway IV
Indigenous and Other Cultural Foundations for Disaster Risk Management (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIRS: BENDER, Stephen (OAS, retired) and KRIMGOLD, Frederick (World Bank)
PANELISTS: SCOTT, John C. (Ctr for Public Serv Communications), LAMBERT, Simon (U Saskatchewan), KRIMGOLD, Frederick (World Bank), BENDER, Stephen (OAS, retired)


(W-06) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Pavilion East
Presumed Utility: Translating and Unpacking Applied Lexicons

CHAIR: HARDIN, Jessica (Pacific U)
HARDIN, Jessica (Pacific U) and GARTH, Hanna (UCSD) On the Limitations of Barriers: Social Consequences and Obesity Interventions in Cuba and Samoa
YATES-DOERR, Emily (OR State U, U Amsterdam) Strategic Reductionism: Complexity, Inequality, and the Challenge of ‘Doing Good’ Science in Global Health
TRAINER, Sarah (Seattle U), BREWIS, Alexandra and STURTZ SREETHARAN, Cindi (ASU) “I Just Want to be Healthy”: Bodies at the Intersection of Fat Shaming and Body Positivity
GRANT, Jenna (UW) Translating ‘the Migrant’
WEAVER, Lesley Jo (U Oregon), MADHIVANAN, Purnima and KRUPP, Karl (FIU) Lexical Layers: The Politics and Poetics of Applied Medical Anthropology Research in India
BRADA, Betsey (Reed Coll) In Defense of Uselessness in the Anthropology of Global Health


(W-07) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Pavilion West
Structural Vulnerabilities, Individual and Collective Agency, and the Creation of Care, Part I (Society for Disability Studies)

CHAIRS: WARREN, Narelle (Monash U), SAKELLARIOU, Dikaios (Cardiff U), and NISSEN, Nina (S Denmark U)
BINGHAM THOMAS, Elizabeth and SMITH-MORRIS, Carolyn (SMU) The Creation of Resilient Care among LDS Latino Immigrants in Northern Utah
DEL CASTILLO TAFUR, Cynthia (Pontificia U Catolica del Peru) Art and Sorority: Weaving Care and Encounter Spaces in Communities Post Internal Armed Conflict
CLARK, LaurenSANCHEZ-BIRKHEAD, Ana, and EGGER, Marlene (U Utah) Postpartum Pelvic Floor Changes: Individual Agency in Models of Disablement and Empowerment
BELL, David Elijah (SJFC) Docile “Patients,” the US Healthcare System, and the Science of Ineptitude
LEWIS, Rhian (McGill U) Unintelligible Burdens: Invoking Collective Responsibilities in Texan Abortion Care
WIND, Gitte (U Coll Copenhagen) Caregiving and Receiving in Households with More Than One (Chronicly) Ill Family Member in Denmark: When the Supposed Supportive Caregiver Is a Patient Her/Him-Self


(W-08) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Galleria I
Environmental Justice Ethnography in the Classroom: Teaching Activism (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIR: ALEXANDER, William (UNC Wilmington)
SHERWOOD, Yvonne (UCSC) When We Follow: Social Movement Camps as Learning Places
DAVIS, Brittany (Regis U) Critical Self-Reflection and Personal Transformation in the EJ Classroom
WELLS, E. Christian (USF) Cultivating a Critical Environmental Justice Perspective among Students through University-Community Engaged Research in Tampa Bay, Florida
LINCOLN, Martha (SFSU) Teaching Environmental Justice in theField
ALEXANDER, William (UNCW) The Classroom After the Disaster: Hurricane Florence and Environmental Justice Ethnography in Coastal North Carolina


(W-09) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Galleria II
Doing Applied Urban Ethnography in the Neoliberal Age

MCFARLAND, Kelly (UNT) Urban Farming: Secret Gardens, Hidden Jungles, and Unexpected Farms in Plain Sight
SANCHEZ, Saniego (UNT) Art Exhibitions and Programs as Vital Resources for Urban Applied Ethnographers
BELL, Kayeron (K.D.) (UNT) Evaluating Neighborhood Needs for Social Programs
JIMENEZ, Kat (UNT) (Trans)cending Dallas’ “Gayborhood”: Establishing the Need for LGBTQ Urban Mobility


(W-10) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Galleria III
Immigrant Use of Health Care Services: Access and Utilization

SIGMUND, Kimberly (U Amsterdam) From Zero Hunger to Feeding the Future: Navigating Migration and Nutrition between Guatemala and the USA
MARTINEZ, Konane (CSUSM) and STAMM, Nannette (Vista Community Clinic) “I would rather not eat”: Public Charge Perceptions in Immigrant Communities
EDWARDS, Diana (Independent) Turning Toddlers into Terrorists: How Complex Trauma and Attachment Disorder Lead to Anti-Social Behavior
TOOHER, Erin (UNM) Fear and Loathing in post-Katrina New Orleans: Latinx Migrants, Gender, and Class in the Year of “NOLA 300” 
REBER, Lisa (ASU) The Canary in the Coal Mine: What Suicidal Ideation Can Tell Us About the Adversities That Low-Wage Migrants Face
MELO, Milena (MS State U) and CASTAÑEDA, Heide (USF) “When It Was Me, My Parents Were Like, ‘Oh, No, Please Don’t Get Sick!’”: Health Experiences among Undocumented Youth in South Texas


(W-13) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Parlor A
Keeping Up with the Times: Negotiating the Nursing Profession in the 21st Century, Part I (CONAA)

CHAIR: BLUDAU, Heidi (Monmouth U)
JENNINGS, Bonnie (Sch of Nursing Emory U) Using Ethnography to Understand Turbulence in Acute Care Settings
BREDA, Karen (U Hartford) and PADILHA, Maria Itayra (UFSC- Florianopolis) An Anthropological Critique of the Evolution of Health Care Providers in a Turbulent Health Care Market
PADILHA, Maria (Federal U-Santa Catarina), TOSO, Beatriz (UNIOESTE-Cascavel-SC), and BREDA, Karen (U Hartford) The Euphemism of ‘Good Nursing Practice’ or ‘Advanced Practice Nursing’
BLUDAU, Heidi (Monmouth U) Handmaiden No More
ENGEBRETSON, Joan (U Texas) Moving from the Industrial Age to the Information Age: Implications for Nursing Science


(W-14) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Parlor B
Water & Our Natural Resources: Changing Patterns of Usage

CURLEY, Andrew (UNCCH) Water, Power, and Colonial-Capitalist Infrastructures on Navajo Lands
EGGE, Michael and AJIBADE, Idowu (Portland State U)Water Security and Contested Use in East Porterville: A Human Capabilities Approach
RUBINO, Lily (WaterAid) A Confluence of Change: Contemporary Forces Impacting Water Security of the Colombian Wayuu
TITELBAUM, Maddie (PLU) Structural Constraints and Female Agency in Community Forestry Practices, Kotra Block, Rajasthan


(W-15) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Parlor C
Diverse Topics in Anthropological Science (SAS)

MARTIN, Melanie (UW) Assessing Local Variability in Standardized Growth Outcomes Derived from International vs. Within-Population References: Considerations for Biological Relevance
ANDERSON, E. N. (UCR) Cycles of Empire
STAPLETON, Maria (NIU) and STAPLETON, Charles (NIU & Coll of DuPage) Negotiation of Indigenous Identity in Rural Mexico: Cultural Syncretism in Art and Ritual


(W-17) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Council Suite
Cutting Edge Political Ecology: Celebrating 25 Years of the Journal of Political Ecology, Part I (PESO)

CHAIR: PARK, Thomas (U Arizona)
PLESHET, Noah (U Arizona) Political Ecologies of Dingo Bounty in Indigenous Central Australia
CARRASCO, Anita (Luther Coll) When Pachamama Is Left Hungry: Healing and Misfortune in the Atacama Desert
STOREY, Angela (U Louisville) An Everyday Politics of Access: The Political Ecology of Infrastructure in Cape Town’s Informal Settlements
AUSTIN, Diane (U Arizona) Place Matters: Tracking Coastal Restoration after the Deepwater Horizon
PARK, Thomas,NIANG, Aminata, and BARO, Mamadou (U Arizona) Digital Sensing and Human-Environment Relationships in the Face of Climate Variability in Senegal and Mauritania
GEZON, Lisa (U W Georgia) Political Ecology and Degrowth: Merging Analysis and Action in a Message of Transformation


(W-18) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Director’s Suite
Unusual Allies and Shifting Strategies: Gender-Based Violence Work in Uncivil Times (GBV TIG)

CHAIR: BLOOM, Allison (Moravian Coll)
ZABICKA, Anna (Wayne State U) Kinship-State Relations and High Tolerance to Gender-Based Violence in Latvia
MYERS, KellyMEHROTRA, GitaKIMBALL, ErickaWAHAB, Stephanie, and NG PING CHEUNG, Steph (Portland State U) The Braid That Binds Gender Based Violence Work
CRAMPTON, Alexandra (Marquette U) Finding an Ally in Parens Patriae: A Winning Strategy for the Family Law “Gender Wars?”
BLOOM, Allison (Moravian Coll) Crossing Sacred/Secular Lines: An Ethnographic Bridge between Latinx Evangelical Churches and Domestic Violence Programs 


(W-19) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:30
Executive Suite
Integrating Local Fieldwork into Teaching Anthropology (Workshop, Fee $10)



(W-20) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Forum Suite
Risk and Resilience: Understanding Shifting Domestic Hydroecologies in the Context of Climate Change, Part I

HOLEN, Davin (AK Sea Grant) Adapt Alaska: The Anthropology of Climate Related Hydrological Shifts in the Anthropocene
ZARGER, Rebecca (USF) Seeing Beyond Sea Level Rise: Climate Change and Waterscapes in Tampa Bay Florida
GRACE-MCCASKEY, Cynthia (ECU) Understanding Climate Change Adaptation in Coastal North Carolina: Perceptions of Risk and Barriers to Action
WORKMAN, Cassandra (NCSU) Chronic and Catastrophic Vulnerability: Understanding Bidirectional Risk between Agribusiness and Shifting Hydroecology
KUNKEL, Kristina (Humboldt State U) Climate Change Apathy: Exploring Community Knowledge & Perceptions of Sea Level Rise in King Salmon, California


(W-22) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Studio Suite
Organizational Research to Enhance Communication, Growth, and Satisfaction (Business TIG)

CHAIR: CONEY, Kelly (Insitum)
CONEY, Kelly and PITCHON, Ana (Insitum) Information Flow through Siloed Hierarchies within Organizations
DAVID, Gary (Bentley U) Customer Experience as Social Movements: Applying Social Movement Theory for Organizational Change
SIMON, Andrea (Simon Assoc Mgmt Consultants) On the Brink: How Anthropology Can Help Businesses Grow
withdrawn STUDEBAKER, Jennifer (Independent) Above and Beyond: Meeting, Managing, and Exceeding Client Expectations


(W-23) WEDNESDAY 8:00-9:50
Skyline I
Fishing, Food, and Governance: Balancing for Equity and Sustainability

CHAIR: LOY, Christopher (CNU)
HORTON, Emily Y. (UGA) Rendering Visible: Gender, Well-being, & Alternative Governance Narratives in Small-scale Fishing Foodways
MATERA, Jaime (CSUCI) Understanding Ecological Changes at the Local Level: Community Perceptions of Change in the Cook Islands
LOY, Christopher (CNU) The Farmer and the Fisher: The Social Costs of Aquaculture Expansion on the Chesapeake Bay
NAAR, Nicole (UC-Davis) “Gente de afuera”: Do Immigrant Fishermen Have a Greater Environmental Impact?


(W-32) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Broadway I
Invasive Species: Human Migration as Human Ecological Turbulence (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

CHAIR: STUMPF-CAROME, Jeanne Marie (Kent State U-Geauga)
STUMPF-CAROME, Jeanne Marie (Kent State U-Geauga) Ecotourism: Habituation of Non-human Primates and Humans - Vectors for an Invasive Species
DONAHUE, Katherine (Plymouth State/White Ash Inst) Metaphors of Migration into France and the United States: Flows, Floods, and Invasions
MOKROS NATALE, Molly (Kent State U-Geauga) The Migration Towards -and Invasion Of- the Authentic Travel Experience through the Language and Rhetoric of Online Marketplaces and Social Media
BRAFORD, Deborah (Kent State U) Communicative Migration: The Fluidity and Permanence of Gender and Communication in North America
HECK, Patricia (U South/Sewanee) When “Blut” Is Thicker Than “Wasser”: Post-Reunification Ethnic German Migration to East Germany


(W-33) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Broadway II
Anthropological Examinations of Birthing Care 

JOHNSON, Rebecca (U Memphis) Maternal Care: Perceptions and Experiences in Shelby County, Tennessee
PIETRZYK, Susan (ICF) Remaining Ever Vigilant in Turbulent Times: Anthropologists and the Curious Label of “Qualitative Researcher”
SAN PEDRO, Michelle (UConn) Reproduction as a Development Project: The Impact of International Policies on the Role of Midwives in Nicaragua
TULLER, Sydney and VEILE, Amanda (Purdue U), KRAMER, Karen (U Utah) Causes and Consequences of Cesarean Birth in Yucatec Maya Subsistence Farmers
STRONG, Adrienne (UFL) and WHITE, Tara (Vrije U Amsterdam) Using Cultural Consensus Analysis (CCA) to Reexamine Local Norms of Care and Disrespect and Abuse in Maternity Care in Tanzania


(W-34) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Broadway III
Understanding Diverse Stakeholder Perspectives in Contentious Environmental Issues: A Field-Based Pedagogical Approach (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIR: LYNCH, Kathryn (U Oregon)
Panelist: SEGUIN, Hugo (U Oregon)


(W-35) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Broadway IV
Undergraduate Insights on Conducting Research in a Classroom Setting (Higher Ed TIG)

BLOCK, Ellen and SHEEHAN, Megan (CSBSJU) Early and Often: Students through Research Projects in Anthropology Classes
AHMED, Khadara,RAHRICK, AnnaSWENSON, Riley, and DAGGETT, Alexandria (CSBSJU) Language Matters: Interpreter Efficacy through Technology in the Clinical Setting
NEGEDE LEWI, Rediet and SCOTT, D’Havian (CSBSJU) Hidden among the Crowd: Experiences of Students from Underrepresented Religions and Denominations
MINNEHAN, Sarah (CSBSJU) Addressing Campus Food Insecurity
RENTERIA, AngelicaVIERA, ArturoNEBA, Dorette, and HERNANDEZ-CHAIRE, Arantxa (CSBSJU) The Excluded: An Ethnographic Exploration of Latinx Student Experiences


(W-36) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Pavilion East
Anthropological Contributions to the Use of Digital Technology for Health 

BROWN, Shan-Estelle (Rollins Coll) Anthropological Approaches to the Design of an mHealth Intervention to Improve HIV Medication Adherence
DUROCHER, Mary,KATZ, AnneZHANG, KeCHARBONNEAU, DeborahEATON, TaraABRAMS, Judith, and THOMPSON, Hayley S. (Wayne State U) eHealth Strategies among Cancer Survivors
SCHOENBERG, Nancy and SPRING, Bonnie (UKY) Adaptation of an mHealth Energy Balance Intervention for Rural Appalachian Residents
BEYER, Molly (Children’s Hlth System TX) and PARK Kelly (Guewon) Gulf Or Stream?: Differences between Patient Caregiver and Clinician Perspective on Management of a Chronic Disease


(W-37) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Pavilion West
Structural Vulnerabilities, Individual and Collective Agency, and the Creation of Care, Part II (Society for Disability Studies)

CHAIRS: WARREN, Narelle (Monash U), SAKELLARIOU, Dikaios (Cardiff U), and NISSEN, Nina (S Denmark U)
COLON-CABRERA, DavidLANE, Riki, and ERASMUS, Jaco (Monash Health) Issues of Gatekeeping in Gender-affirming Care for Trans, Gender Diverse, and Non-binary People
KEENEY PARKS, Stephanie (UCLA) “Gaming the System”: African-American Parents of Children with Autism Decision Making as Resistance to Clinical Racism
SOUSA, Veronica (Princeton U) Aging Communally: Contemporary Care among the Elderly in Lisbon
WARREN, Narelle (Monash U) Within the Silences of the State: Access, Technology and the Lingering Effects of Biomedicalised Stratification in Malaysia


(W-38) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Galleria I
The Emerald City’s Hidden Facets: Exploring the Polyvocality of Disaster in Post-Harvey Houston (Risk & Disaster TIG)

VARGAS, Grace (SIU) Of God and Science: Houstonian Experience of Trauma and Resilience across Lines of Race, Class, and Place
SIERRA, Mayra (U Houston) Women in the Lead: Countering Hegemonic Representations of Leadership and Resilience in Post-Harvey East Houston
MARTINEZ BATIZ, Irene (U Houston) Who Feels How and For Whom?: The Affective Geography of Post-Harvey Houston
BARRIOS, Roberto (SIUC) Imposing Vulnerability: Race, Invisibility, and Extraction in Post-Harvey Houston
DISCUSSANT: BROWNE, Kaherine E. (CO State U)


(W-39) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Galleria II
A Not So Perfect Storm: Climate Change, Displacement, and Unease

ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: MILLER, Todd (Independent), HOLMES, Seth (UC-Berkeley), BARKER, Holly (UW), ENLET, Joe (Consul General, Federated States of Micronesia, Portland), LOUCKY, James (WWU)


(W-40) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Galleria III
National Discourse of Place: Policies versus Experience

CHAIR: MOONEY, Nicola (U Fraser Valley)
SDUNZIK, Jennifer (Purdue U) The Trump Effect in Small-Town America: Say It Boldly, Say It Loud!
FLEURIET, Jill (UTSA) Rhetoric and the U.S.-Mexico Border: Flipping the Script
withdrawn HUNDLEY, James (Binghamton U) Colonizing Surveillance at the Border
MAKINO, Fuyuki (Komazawa Women’s U) Creation of New Social Space of Mexican Immigrants in the United States: Religious Space to Entertainment Space
GEORGE, Glynis (U Windsor) and MOONEY, Nicola (U Fraser Valley) Interrogating Place and the ¨Particular”: Emplacing Canadian Immigration
ROMANELLO, Brittany (ASU) Heavenly Father Made No Borders: Undocumented Latina Mothers’ Social and Parenting Experiences in Mormonism


(W-43) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Parlor A
Keeping Up with the Times: Negotiating the Nursing Profession in the 21st Century, Part II (CONAA)

CHAIR: BLUDAU, Heidi (Monmouth U)
ANDERSON, Barbara (Frontier Nursing U) The U.S. Nursing Shortage: Determinant of National and Global Health
SELLERSKathleen F. (SUNY Polytechnic) Rural Nursing Retention
EMERSON, Christie (Kennesaw State U) I Was Clear with My Goals, Where I’m Heading, and What I Wanted with My Life: Life History of an Omani Woman and Nurse Leader
KUERTEN ROCHA, PatriciaDASILVA, MariaPADILHA, Maria (Federal U-Santa Catarina), BIAZUS DALCIN, Camila and ANDERS, J.C. (UFSC Florianopolis) Construction of an Instrument for Handoff in Brazilian Pediatric Hospital Units


(W-44) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Parlor B
Global Health Inequities

CHAIR: ALBRIGHT, Karen (U Denver)
ALBRIGHT, Karen (U Denver) and GREENBAUM, Jordan (Int’l Ctr for Missing & Exploited Children) Medical and Mental Health Services for Child Survivors of Sex Trafficking: Barriers to Access
BUDUR, Diana (Princeton U) Closing the Wellbeing Gap among Clans of Romanies in Brazil
ELLIS, Cathryn (SFU) and JANES. Craig (U Waterloo SPH) Preserving Cultural Safety in Maternity Care: Research from Remote Mountainous Nepal
MEIEROTTO, LisaSOM CASTELLANO, Rebecca, and CURL, Cynthia (Boise State U) Health and Well-being Disparities among Latina Farm Workers in Southwestern Idaho
OYARZUN, Yesmar (Rice U) A Qualitative Analysis of International Clinical Volunteerism in Northern Tanzania Using a Global Health Perspective
THOMAS, Tami (FIU) Health and Human Rights: Implementation of Regionally Undeserved Sexual Assault Nurse Examiner Program


(W-45) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Parlor C
Modalities of Intimacy (SAS)

CHAIRS: DE MUNCK, Victor(Vilnius U & SUNY New Paltz) and DEMOSS, Lessye (U Alabama)
DE MUNCK, Victor (Vilnius U & SUNY New Paltz) Gay, Polyamorous and Straight Lovers: Is There One Model of Romantic Love That Fits All?
DEMOSS, Lessye Joy (U Alabama) Performing a Model of Sacred Marriage
NELSON, Alex (UNLV) Intra-Cultural Variations in the Meaning of Romantic Love in South Korea
REINHARDT, Amy (SUNY New Paltz) Romantic Love and Hook-Up Culture
GLAYZER, Edward (MI State U) The Gendered Commodification of South Korean Dating Rituals: How to Find a Date Without Feeling “Uncomfortable”


(W-47) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Council Suite
Hard Choices in Turbulent Contexts: Resistance and Complicity in Resource Extraction: Cutting Edge Political Ecology Celebrating 25 Years of the Journal of Political Ecology, Part II (PESO)

CHAIRS: MELTZOFF, Sarah Keene(U Miami) and WALI, Alaka (Field Museum)
GREENBERG, James (PESO) Neoliberal Governance and the Political Ecology of the Guitar
SUZUKOVICH III, Eli (Little Shell Band of Chippewa-Cree & Field Museum) Finding a Common Ground between Cultural Relationships and the Economic Development of NTFPs in Native American Communities
CAMPBELL, Jacob (Field Museum) Loving (and Leaving) the Land: Heritage, Tenure, and Generation Gaps in the Pembroke Sands
WALI, Alaka and ALVIRA, Diana (Field Museum) Complicity and Resistance in the Indigenous Amazon: Economia Indigena under Siege
MELTZOFF, Sarah Keene (U Miami) Dolphin Hunting Dilemma: Exchanging Cultural Identities in Light of Cash-Dependence, Sea-level Rise and Conservation


(W-48) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Director’s Suite
Cultivating Culture: Farms, Farmers, and Sustainable Practices (C&A)

CHAIR: PARKS, Melissa (OR State U)
STEPHENSON, Garry and GWIN, Lauren (OR State U) Beginning Farmer Developmental Stages and Training the Next Generation of Farmers
PARKS, Melissa (OR State U) and ROESCH-MCNALLY, Gabrielle (USDA NW Climate Hub) Scientific vs. Experiential Knowledge of Weather and Climate: A Case Study of Dry Farmers in Oregon
LUQUE, John (FAMU) Heat Stress Prevention Strategies among Hispanic Farmworkers in Georgia


(W-49) WEDNESDAY 10:00-1:00
Executive Suite
Embracing Change and Adaptation in Program Evaluation (Without Selling Out Your Anthropology) (Workshop, Fee $40)

ORGANIZER: BUDDEN, Ashwin (D’EVA Consulting)


(W-50) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Forum Suite
Risk and Resilience: Understanding Shifting Domestic Hydroecologies in the Context of Climate Change, Part II

DU BRAY, Margaret (Augustana Coll), BURNHAM, Morey and RUNNING, Katrina (Idaho State U) Hydrological Shifts, Lifeways Shifts: Changing Policy and Lifeways in Idaho’s Eastern Snake Plain Aquifer
JARAMILLO, Elise (PIRE) “Active Water Resource Meddling”: Managing Water and Power along New Mexico’s Acequias
LOZADA JR., Eriberto P. and CARDWELL, Julia (Davidson Coll) Measuring Flood Risk: Normalizing Inequality in Charlotte, North Carolina
WENG, Changhua (Integrated Statistics/NEFSC, NOAA Fisheries), COLBURN, Lisa L. and JEPSON, Mike (NOAA Fisheries), GENTILE, Lauren and SILVA, Angela (Integrated Statistics/NOAA Fisheries) Socio-Economic Impacts of Climate Change on Coastal Fishing Communities in the Eastern US: Risk Assessment and Visualization


(W-51) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Senate Suite
Representation Matters: Shifting Paradigms in the Museum Field

CHAIR: REINSCHMIDT, Michael (U Oklahoma)
SORENSEN, Amanda (UBC) Indigenous Representation “In a Different Light:” Critical Readings of the Museum of Anthropology’s Masterworks Gallery
ARMSTRONG, Lisa (USF) Education in Sulphur Springs-Spring Hill: Creating a Museum Display for African American Heritage
REINSCHMIDT, Michael (U Oklahoma) and OWENS, Gary (HuhugamKi Museum) Ethnicity-Specific Museums: Shifting Colonial Paradigms toward Indigenizing Alternatives
SLOAN, Anna and CARUSO, Annie (U Oregon) Explorations of Decolonial Heritage Management: Two Case Studies from Indigenous and Subaltern Museums


(W-52) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Studio Suite
When the Models Break Down, What’s a Business Anthropologist to Do? (Business TIG)

CHAIR: ERICKSON, Ken (U S Carolina)
ERICKSON, Ken C. (U S Carolina) Desktop Printers and the Lan House in Brazil: Seeking New Questions in Settings of Political and Economic Precarity
YUNG, Jo and ENG, Jason (Independent) Perception and Expectation: How Video Technology Changes Video Ethnography in Corporate Research in Asia
RIVERS, Dawn (UNCCH) Self-Employment across Cultures: Escape from Neoliberal Labor Markets
POWELL, Michael (Grit Grocery) Insight Or Noise?: Ethnography In & Of a Startup Grocery Store
MCCABE, Maryann (Cultural Connections LLC) Materiality and Embodiment: Doing the Laundry and Dressing the Body


(W-53) WEDNESDAY 10:00-11:50
Skyline I
Domestic Violence: Experiencing, Witnessing, and Managing (GBV TIG)

CHAN, Isabella (USF) ‘Por los Niños, Tienes que Aguantar Todo’: A Case Study in Why Women Stay in Violent Relationships
JOCK, Brittany,DANA-SACCO, GailBURNETTE, CatherineBAGWELL, Meredith, and CAMPBELL, Jacquelyn (JHSON) Adapting the Danger Assessment for Indigenous Women’s Needs (Danger Assessment-Circle): Qualitative Results from Three Regions
MORRISON, Penelope (PSUNK) Batterer Intervention Program Participants’ Accounts of Change in Their Relationships: Results from a Two-Year Ethnographic Study
NUNEZ-MCHIRI, Guillermina (UTEP) Court Observations and Coalition Building to Address Domestic Violence on the U.S.-Mexico Border

WEDNESDAY 12:00-5:00
Book Exhibit

The Exhibit includes tables displaying the most recent publications in the applied social sciences.  Several press representatives will be available to discuss publishing options for authors.  The Exhibit will also include craftwork (for sale) from several cooperatives.


(W-62) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Broadway I
Community Based Food Initiatives

CHAIR: FANOUS, Erika (Rhodes Coll)
FANOUS, Erika,KASPER, Kimberly, and FONTANIE, Shirley (Rhodes Coll) Community-Based Approaches within the Alternative Food Movement
MUHAJARINE, Hannah and DAVIDSON-HUNT, Iain(U Manitoba) Passing Things Down: The Resilience of Traditional Foods in Wabaseemoong Independent Nations
MCFARLAND, Kelly (UNT) Developing a Historic Account of Local Farming in North Texas


(W-63) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Broadway II
Conceptualizing Risk in Opioid Research

CHAIR: OLDING, Michelle (BC Ctr on Substance Use, UBC)
COLLINS, Alexandra (BC Ctr on Substance Use, SFU) The Intersectional Risk Environment Framework: A Conceptual Framework to Understand Health- and Drug-Related Risks
COLLINS, Alexandra (BC Ctr on Substance Use, SFU) Drug Use Disclosure and Overdose Risk: An Ethnographic Study of Everyday Acts of Resistance among Women Who Use Drugs
MCNEIL, Ryan (UBC) On Epidemics and Inequalities: An Ethnographic Study of Fentanyl-driven Overdoses in Vancouver, Canada’s Downtown Eastside
OLDING, Michelle (BC Ctr on Substance Use, UBC), FOWLER, Al (BC Ctr on Substance Use, BC Assoc of People on Methadone), and CZECHACZEK, Sandra (BC Ctr on Substance Use) Peer Ethnography in Substance Use Research: The Current Landscape and Future Directions
GLANTZ, Namino (Sansum Diabetes Rsch Inst) A Medical Anthropologist in Big Pharmaland


(W-64) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Broadway III
Teaching in Turbulent Times (Higher Ed TIG)

CHAIRS: GIDEONSE, Theodore and JENKS, Angela (UCI)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: BROOKS, E. Marshall (U Richmond), BRUNA, Sean (WWU), HOUGH, Carolyn (Augustana Coll), MARTINEZ, Rebecca (U Missouri), MORRIS,Chad (Roanoke Coll), PEZZIA, Carla (U Dallas)


(W-65) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Broadway IV
Civil Society and Root Causes: Moving from Disaster Risk Reduction to Preventing Disaster Risk Creation (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CLARK-GINSBERG, Aaron (RAND Corp) Disaster Root Causes: Community Based Disaster Management in the Slums of Freetown, Sierra Leone
HENLY-SHEPARD, Sarah (Mercy Corps) Participatory Strategic Risk and Resilience Assessments for Community-Mobilized Climate & Ecosystem Inclusive DRR
WILKINSON, Olivia (Joint Learning Initiative) When Local Religious Communities Face Political Inefficiencies in Their Work to Limit Disaster Risk Creation
OLSON, Laura (Georgetown U) and JEROLLEMAN, Alessandra (Jacksonville State U) Comparing International & U.S. NGOs in Terms of DRR Practice and Funding


(W-66) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Pavilion East
Cultivating Care: Anthropologists and Rural Health

CHAIR: BARNES, Kathrine (Marshfield Clinic Rsch Inst, Nat’l Farm Med Ctr)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: DAO, Amy (Cal State Poly), MERKEL, Richard (U Virginia), BESTERMAN-DAHAN, Karen (VA), BENDIXSEN, Casper (Marshfield Clinic Rsch Inst, Nat’l Farm Med Ctr), THIAM, Sara (CWRU & Right Start UP)


(W-67) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Pavilion West
Anthropology for the 80%: Doing Work that Matters (NAPA)

CHAIRS: FIX, Gemmae (VA & Boston U) and HAMILTON, Alison (VA & UCLA)
PANELISTS: TRUE, Gala (VA & LSU Med Sch), HYDE, Justeen (VA & Boston U), ONO, Sarah and TUEPKER, Anais (VA & OHSU)


(W-68) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Galleria I
Applied Visual Anthropology: Explorations in Multimedia Methodologies

HENDRICKSON, Carol (Marlboro Coll) Drawn In: Affective Dimensions of Drawing
HOLST, Joshua (Colorado Coll) Voices of Survivors: Mass Media and the Aural Anthropology of Human Trafficking
FELDMAN, Lindsey (U Memphis) Seeing Humanity: The Role of Visual Anthropology in Prison Research
STINNETT, Ashley (WKU) Virtual Reality and Immersive Environments: Engagements with New Methodological Approaches in Applied Research
GILL, Harjant (Towson U) Making Ethnographic Media for Non-Academic Audiences


(W-69) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Galleria II
Increasing the Impact of Anthropologists beyond the Academy (Business TIG)

CHAIR: GRUß, Inga (Kaiser Permanente)
GRUß, Inga (Kaiser Permanente) The Pragmatic Practitioner: Advancing Qualitative Methods in Health Services Research
PITCHON, Ana (Insitum) Language Matters: Town Halls, Policy and Peer Review
SCULL, Charley (Filament Insight & Innovation) We Don’t Say Weird in Anthropology: The Intrinsic Value of Anthropology for Multidisciplinary Teams
BERNIUS, Matthew (Measures for Justice) Implications beyond Design: Practicing Anthropology in the Age of Ethnography
HASBROUCK, Jay (Filament Insight & Innovation) Getting Ahead of Appropriation: Ethnographic Thinking and Full-Spectrum Insight


(W-70) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Galleria III
Encounters with Illegality: The Effect of Detention and Deportation on Young People

ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: BOEHM, Deborah (UNR), HANSEN, Tobin (U Oregon), SALAS-CRESPO, Margarita(El Colegio de La Frontera Norte), STEPHEN, Lynn (U Oregon)


(W-73) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Parlor A
Evidence and Advocacy for Safe, Accessible Health Care (CONAA)

CHAIR: MATTHEWS, Elise (URegina)
ANDERSON, Barbara (Frontier Nursing U) Where is my Mama?: Escalating Maternal Mortality in America
KONZELMAN, Gregory (CONAA) The Art of Communication in a Primary Care Setting
CHANDLER, ChelseaWHOLLEY, Samantha, and CROCKER, Theresa (USF) Engaging Change in the Trying and Turbulent Times of Completing a Dietetic Internship
SHEEHAN, Lisa (USD) and BURSCH, Lisa (CA Baptist U) Improving Provider Diabetes Care in a Student-Run Free Clinic
MATTHEWS, Elise and PUPLAMPU, Vivian (U Regina) Strategies of Adaptation among Parents of Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorder


(W-74) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Parlor B
Gender Issues and Activism

MURFREE, Lauren (Purdue U) “We are in the struggle together”: Faith & Feminist Activism in the Midwest
PAGE, Sarah (ECU) LGBTQ Sea Change: Is the Rainbow Wave about to Wash over Jamaica?
SURREY, DavidLEDBETTER, ChaseCAMPEN, RyanBARBOUR, Alaa, and SANANGO, Erika (Saint Peter’s U) Engaging for Change: Lighting of a Brighter Torch for Change


(W-75) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Parlor C
Systems of Resilience (SAS)

CHAIR: JONES. Eric (UT HSC Houston)
JONES. Eric and MCCURDY, Sheryl (UT HSC Houston), NANCE, Earthea (TX Southern U), SHELTON, Kyle (Rice U), HOLCOMB, Jennifer (UT HSC Houston) Multiplexity in Interorganizational Networks Supporting Hurricane Harvey Recovery
withdrawn WELLER, Susan (UTMB) Hurricane Evacuation Decisions
LINDGREN, Britta (Aerospace Corp, Retired) System Analysis of a Foraging Woman


(W-77) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Council Suite
Vision and Politics in Political Ecology (PESO)

CHAIR: RODRIGUEZ-LABAJOS, Beatriz (U Autonoma de Barcelona & UC-Berkeley)
VACCARO, Ismael (McGill U) and BELTRAN, Oriol (U Barcelona) The Proliferation of the Commons: The Renewed Tension between Open Access and Common Property
RODRIGUEZ-LABAJOS, Beatriz (U Autonoma de Barcelona & UC-Berkeley) Genderised Artistic Activism in Ecological-Distribution Conflicts over Coal and Wetland Management
BLAIR, James J.A. (CCP) and GUTIERREZ, Grant M. (Dartmouth Coll) Watershed Vitalities and the Free-Flowing Rivers Network in Chile
KALMAN, Rowenn (MI State U) Dirt, Stomachs, and Pachamama: Indigeneity and Environmentalisms in the Andes


(W-78) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Director’s Suite
Environmental Justice: Historical and Ethnographic Frameworks

MCDONALD, Juliana (UKY) Adapting to Change: How Davis Bottom (1865) Is Becoming Davis Park (2018)
GENZ, Joseph and NASHON, Attok (UH-Hilo) Diasporic Marshallese Voices on Exposure to Volcanic Emissions (Vog) in the Kaʻū District of Hawai’i Island
COX, Kathryn (UCI) Turbulent Frameworks: Defining Racism and Justice in Environmental Health
BASU, Pratyusha and CHAKRABORTY, Jayajit (UTEP) Remembering Environmental Injustice: Social Memory in the Aftermath of the Bhopal Disaster
HINDS, Kris-An (USF) “I Want What the Rich People Have”: Community Perceptions of Infrastructure, Flood Management, and Environmental Redevelopment


(W-80) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Forum Suite
Activism and Support: Community Responses to Gender Based Violence (GBV TIG)

CHAIR: WIRTZ, Elizabeth (Purdue U)
CARR, Caitlynn (USF) “No es Taboo, es Miedo y Temor/It’s Not Taboo, It’s Fear”: Navigating Gender-Based Violence Resources in a Changing Guatemalan Society
MASUCCI, Emily (U Oregon) Navigating Webs of Violence and Support: Indigenous Women’s Activism in Manaus, Brazil
WHITSON, Haley (Hendrix Coll) Student Activism as a Pathway to Healing
ROAF, Mary (CSU-Stanislaus) Past and Present Power: The Legacy of Black Women’s Struggles against Systemic Sexual Violence


(W-82) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Studio Suite
Changes, Continuities, and Engaged Anthropology in Contemporary Honduras

CHAIRS: LEVY, Jordan and PHILLIPS, James (PLU)
PHILLIPS, James (SOU) Imperial Durabilities That Are Highly Unstable?: Development, Clientelism, and Dependency in Honduras
LEVY, Jordan and ESTRADA, Sandra (Pacific Lutheran U) Navigating Uncertainty Here and There: Honduran Transnationalism and Everyday Negotiations in Washington State
GALEANA, Fernando (Cornell U) The Drug Trade, Indigeneity, and Territorial Governance in Eastern Honduras
HASEMANN LARA, Ana (UNAH/UKY) Development With Identity or Commodities With Identity?: Lenca Craftswomen, Honduras’ Cultural Identity Politics, and Global Economies of Culture
METZ, Brent and BAGHERI SARVESTANI, Daniel (U Kansas) Taking Stock of Indigenous Rights Progress among Chortís of Copán and Ocotepeque


(W-83) WEDNESDAY 12:00-1:20
Skyline I
Indigenous-Centered Collaborations in Applied Environmental Anthropology

CHAIRS: BLACK, Jessica and CAROTHERS, Courtney (UAF), DONKERSLOOT, Rachel (AK Marine Conservation Council), POE, Melissa (Sea Grant, U Washington)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: BLACK, Jessica and CAROTHERS, Courtney (UAF), DONKERSLOOT, Rachel (AK Marine Conservation Council), POE, Melissa and WATKINSON, Melissa (Sea Grant, U Washington), ZANOTTI, Laura (Purdue U)


(W-92) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Broadway I
Mobilizing Communities and Managing Publics in Northern Extractivist Frontiers (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

CHAIRS: WESTMAN, Clint (U Saskatchewan) and DAVIS, Reade (Nipissing U)
BAKER, Janelle (Athabasca U) Standard Operating Procedure: The Use of Safety Regulations to Control and Alienate Northern Bush Crees in Alberta’s Oil and Gas Sector
DOKIS, Carly (Nipissing U) Beef for a Moose, Cash for Your Hides: The Misconstruction of Harm in the Mackenzie Gas Project Environmental Assessment
HUDSON, Mark (U Manitoba) Finance and Fossil Capital: Mobilizing Consensus on Climate Change?
HEBERT, Karen (Carleton U) The Nature of ‘the Public’: Time and Matter in Community Opposition to Mineral Extraction in Bristol Bay, Alaska
DISCUSSANT: DAVIS, Reade (Nipissing U)


(W-93) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Broadway II
Reproductive Health Across the Lifespan: Perspectives and Policy 

CHAIR: MILLARD, Ann (Int’l Valley Hlth Inst)
RODRIGUEZ, Katheryn (UCR), BATRA, Priya (Inland Empire Hlth Plan), and CHENEY, Ann (UCR Med Sch) Women’s Voices Changing Reproductive Health Policy: A CBPR Study
ROWE, Jill (W Michigan U) Honey Your Meno Done Paused: Exploring the Reproductive Health Beliefs of Middle-Aged Women
JENNINGS-WELLS, Baylee and MCCAIN, Cora (Hendrix Coll) An Assessment of Sexual Resources and Attitudes on a Southern Liberal Arts College
MILLARD, Ann (Int’l Valley Hlth Inst) and GRAHAM, Margaret (UTRGV) A Call to Arms…and Uteri!


(W-94) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Broadway III
Anthropological Teaching in Diverse Contexts (Higher Ed TIG)

LOEWE, Ronald (CSULB) Notes and Queries on Teaching Program Evaluation as Part of an Applied Anthropology Curriculum
DURHAM, AndraHEFFERAN, TaraSULLIVAN, Shelby, and BAKER, Alex (GVSU) “What are you going to do with that?”: Meaning, Application, and Declining Enrollment in Undergraduate Anthropology
DELISLE, Takami (UKY) Anthropology Graduate Training in Turbulent Times: Multiple Marginalization in the Micro-context of Power Relations


(W-95) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Broadway IV
Current Offerings and New Directions in Pre-College Anthropology Education (Higher Ed TIG)

PANELISTS: GARDNER, Lynne (Cleveland High School), BISSAT, Jóhanna (Cascadia Coll), DOBKINS, Rebecca (Williamette U), JACKSON, Palmyra (AAA)


(W-96) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Pavilion East
colLAB: Bridging Health Divides in East Africa

CHAIR: RHINE, Kathryn (U Kansas)
RHINE, Kathryn (U Kansas) Decolonizing Experiential Learning: Fieldnotes from a Global Health Humanities Lab in Southwestern Tanzania
RILEY, Emily (U Kansas) “We Grieve for Those We Have Lost Before”: Performances of Loss from the AIDS Epidemic in Mufindi, Tanzania
CRYSTAL, Mariah (U Kansas) Warriors and Mothers: Exile Women Who Served the Anti-Apartheid Movement
ROUSE, Macie (U Kansas) Application of the Foreign Aid Model in Communities Experiencing Health Disparities
SPLAVEC, Eric (U Kansas) Examining the Colonial Legacy of Health and Development in Mufindi, Tanzania
DAWSON, Symantha (ColLAB, U Kansas) HIV and Tanzania: Exploring Post-Illness Identity


(W-98) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Galleria I
Cross-Cultural Collaborations for Change (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIR: MALDONADO, Julie (Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: BROWNE,Katherine (CO State U), HUFFORD, Mary (Livelihoods Knowledge Exchange Network), WATKINSON, Melissa (WA Sea Grant), WILKINS, Sarah (American Geophysical Union)


(W-99) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Galleria II
Naming and Enumerating the Health Effects of Gender Based Violence (GBV TIG)

WALLERSTEDT, Michaela (SMU) Anthropology and Maternity Care in the Media
LESLEY, Elena (Emory U) Considering the Mental Health Impact of Gender Based Violence under the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia
TRASK, Lexine (Ohio State U) The Aftermath of Violence: Understanding the Effects of Physical and Sexual Violence on Single Mothers’ Economic Mobility
DIXON, Lydia (CSUCI) What’s in a Name?: Obstetric Violence as Gender Violence in Mexico


(W-100) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Galleria III
Collaborating With Cities, Part I: Examining the Processes and Outcomes of Applied Research with Municipalities

CHAIRS: STOREY, Angela (U Louisville) and RADONIC, Lucero (MI State U)
NGUYEN, Victoria (U Chicago) The New Old Beijing: Reflections on Development and Collaboration in China’s New Urban Frontiers
BROOKS, EmilyPOPPERL, Simone and OLSON, Valerie (UCI) Seeking Hydro-Social Justice: Ethnographically-Informed Planning and Community Engagement in a Southern California Watershed
STOREY, Angela and JOHNSON, David (U Louisville), SMITH, Allison (Louisville Metro) Making Participation Productive: Possibilities and Challenges of Public Engagement Research in Louisville, KY
KARJANEN, David( UMN) Radical Ecologies and Urban Land Use: Promoting Environmental Justice through Municipal Economic Development


(W-103) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Parlor A
Living Well with Disability: Gender, Aging, Care (Society for Disability Studies)

CHAIR: ACEVEDO, Sara (Bellevue Coll)
NEAL, Megan (UC-Irvine) Engendering Care in Bolivia: Disabled Citizenship and the Therapeutic Mandate to Live Well
STOLZ, Suzanne (U San Diego) Co-Constructing Frames for Resistance, Reflections on Disability by a Daughter and Her Mother
PANG, Celeste (U Toronto) On Aging, Disability, and Belonging: An Exploration of Older Gay and Bisexual Men’s Narratives
DEVLIEGER, Patrick (KU Leuven) Gardening: Bringing Aging and Disability Together
DISCUSSANT: ACEVEDO, Sara (Bellevue Coll)


(W-104) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Parlor B
Homelessness & Systemic Injustices, Part I

CHAIR: FAIRBANKS, Julie (Coe Coll)
BERGANINI, Stefanie (CO State U) Neoliberal Dirt: Homelessness, Stigma, and Social Services in Fort Collins, Colorado
DEMYERS, Christine (ASU) Garden Communities in the Impoverished City: Opportunities to Establish Justice from the Grassroots
HUNT WASSINK, Mari and FAIRBANKS, Julie (Coe Coll) “Uniquely Individual”: Structural Causes and Individual Concerns in Homelessness Research
LEMASTER, Barbara (CSULB) “Theresa! Don’t pull her hair! You’ll hurt her!”: Intervention and Embodiment in U.S. Preschools


(W-105) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Parlor C
Students in Cognitive Anthropology, Part I (SAS)

DELOUIZE, Alicia (U Oregon), LIEBERT, Melissa (NAU), EICK, Geeta (U Oregon), KOWAL, PaulNAIDOO, Nirmala, and CHATTERJI, Somnath (WHO), FAN, Wu (Shanghai CDC), BIRITWUM, Richard (U Ghana), AROKIASAMY, Perianayagam (IIPS India), ROJA, RosalbaLOPEZ RIDAURA, Ruy, and TELLEZ ROJO, Mara (NIPH Mexico), MAXIMOVA, Tamara (Russian Academy of Med Sci), REFIL WE PHASWANA-MAFUYA, Nancy and PELTZER, Karl (HSRC South Africa), SNODGRASS, Josh (U Oregon) Presence of Depression Based on a Symptom-Based Algorithm Versus a Clinical Depression Diagnosis in a Global Sample of Older Adults: The Influence of Socioeconomic Status
HOOD, John (NIU) Cultural Models of Democracy among Burmese Residents in the Midwestern United States
MONOCELLO, Lawrence (Larry) (U Alabama) Inter- and Intra-Cultural Variation in Male Body Ideals between Americans and Koreans
RANGEL, Maria (UT SPH, MD Anderson Cancer Ctr), JONES, Eric C. and PRIYADARSHANI, Dharia (UT SPH) Lifetime Exposure to Traumatic Events and Physical Health among Parents and Caregivers of Children Killed or Injured at the ABC Daycare Fire in Sonora, Mexico


(W-107) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Council Suite
Households, Communities and Landscapes: Exploring Scale in Social-Ecological Dynamics Over Time and Across Space, Part I (PESO)

withdrawn NEBIE, Elisabeth (Int’l Rsch Inst for Climate & Society, Columbia U) A Multi-scale and Temporal Analysis of Sahelian Re-greening and Food Insecurity Trends
O’CONNELL, Caela (UTK) and BROWNE, Katherine (CO State U) Mapping Changing Perceptions of Risk in Landscapes Shaped by Hurricanes, Agriculture, and Energy
ROJAS, AlfredoWEST, ColinThorMOODY, AaronGAUGER, Natalie, and RAMACHANDRAN, Vishnu (UNCCH) Tracking Land Use and Land Cover Change through Archival Maps in Burkina Faso
WEST, Colin, and MOODY, Aaron (UNCCH), NEBIE, Elisabeth Kago (Columbia U), SAWADOGO, Halaye (Assoc Zood Nooma) Patch and Disturbance Dynamics: Land Degradation and Landscape Modification in Burkina Faso


(W-108) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Director’s Suite
Women’s Wellbeing in the Peruvian Andes: Social Stress, Religious Beliefs, and Health during Times of Change

CHAIRS: BROOKS, Benjamin (ECU) and IRONS, Rebecca (U Coll London)
BROOKS, Benjamin (ECU) Measuring Social Stress among Andean Highland Women: Insights from Faculty-Student Collaborative Research
IRONS, Rebecca (U Coll-London) Motherhood and Potential Citizenship in Ayacucho: Family Planning Programme Priorities
CULLEN, Chelsea (ECU) How Women in the Andean Highlands Use Religion to Make Health Care Decisions
BARBER, Mariah (U Albany) Exploring the Interconnected Cultural Model of Social Stress Serving as Barriers to Crop Yield, Child Care, Opportunities, and Health Care Seeking Behaviors for Women in the Peruvian Highlands


(W-109) WEDNESDAY 1:30-5:30
Executive Suite
Market Systems Development: Using Applied Research to Achieve Systemic Change, Sustainability and Scale in International Development (Workshop, Fee $25)

ORGANIZER: SHAH, Rachel (Springfield Ctr & Durham U)


(W-111) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Senate Suite
Environmental Coexistence, Collaboration and Knowledge, and Beyond, Part I

CHAIR: ALLEN, Karen (Furman U)
ALLEN, Karen (Furman U) Changing Conservation through Conversations: The Role of Dialogue
DODARO, Lauren (Tulane U) The Coexistence of Globalized and Local Environmental Knowledge in the Indigenous Community of Canelos, Ecuador
HALLEMEIER, Jonathan (UGA) Claiming Collaboration in a Southern Appalachian National Forest Plan Revision
LANDRUM, Teri (UNT) Changing Minds and Opening Hearts: Integrating Ecology, Ethics and Applied Anthropology in Experiential Environmental Education
DELIE, Jackie and BIEDENWEG, Kelly (OR State U) Human Dimensions of Adaptive Management in Malheur Lake


(W-112) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Studio Suite
From Water Buffaloes to Self-Driving Cars: Turbulent Times for Road Use, Part I (Business TIG)

CHAIR: WASSON, Christina (UNT)
CLARKE, Mari (World Bank) Transportation and Change through the Anthropological Lens
SAINTONGE, KennethJORDAN, NickSTUTTS, SarahSMARTT-NALLI, Kingston, and BRADFORD, Dazore (UNT) Navigating Roadways: An Ethnographic Exploration of Three Types of Road Users
BRANDT, Kelsey (UNT) Navigating Roadways: An Ethnographic Exploration of Community Interactions with a Self-Driving Shuttle
FERNANDEZ, Heather (Independent) The Power of Perception in Transportation Decisions: The Social Construction of Biking in Arizona and the Netherlands


(W-113) WEDNESDAY 1:30-3:20
Skyline I
Managing Spaces, Managing People: Site-based Research in a Marine Context

CHAIR: CLAY, Patricia M. (NOAA Fisheries)
OLMETA-SCHULT, Felicia (WSU) Drivers behind the Unified Proposal for the California North Coast Marine Protected Area Network
RICHMOND, Laurie (Humboldt State U) Exploring the Social Research-Policy Nexus in the Marine Protected Area Context: Examples from the Bottom-up to the Top-Down
moved to F-113 OLIVIER, Nina (UAF) Are Sustainable Livelihoods Critical to the Success of Community-Based Marine Protected Areas?
moved from F-113 HUDSON, Bryn, GRANEK, Elise, and NEILSEN-PINCUS, Max (Portland State U), SWEARINGEN, Thomas (OR Dept of Fish & Wildlife) Climate and Culture Drive Fishing Effort Shifts in Oregon’s Nearshore Fisheries
HUNTER, ChelseaLAUER, Matthew, and LEVINE, Arielle (SDSU), HOLBROOK, Sally (UCSB), RASSWEILER, Andrew (FSU) Maneuvering towards Adaptive Co-Management in a Coral Reef Fishery
LINDBERG, Kreg (OSU-Cascades) Diverse Well-Being Effects of Marine and Forest Reserve Designation on the Oregon Coast


(W-122) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Broadway I
Transdisciplinary Approaches for Researching Socio-Environmental Systems (ExtrACTION & Environment TIG)

DENNISON, William C. (UMCES) Integrating and Applying Science in a Unique Boundary Organization
SPITZER, Suzi (UMD) How Are Citizen Scientists Advancing Chesapeake Bay Environmental Science?
LAUMANN, KatieMay and DENNISON, William C. (UMCES), PAVEK, Diane (NPS), NASTASE, Emily(UMCES), VARGAS-NGUYEN, Vanessa (UMD) Interdisciplinary Management of Cultural and Natural Resources in National Parks
VARGAS-NGUYEN, Vanessa (UMD), KELSEY, R. Heath (UMCES), PAOLISSO, Michael J. (UMD), DENNISON, William C. (UMCES) Using Transdisciplinary Report Cards in Solving Socio-Environmental Problems


(W-123) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Broadway II
Opioid Addiction Treatment and Policy 

CHAIR: BOERI, Miriam (Bentley U)
BOERI, Miriam (Bentley U) and LAMONICA, Aukje (S CT State U) Medication Assisted Treatment for Opioids: Perspectives from the Field
MAYER, Samara (UBC) Characterizing Social-Structural Factors in the Implementation of Injectable Opioid Agonist Treatment: An Ethnographic Study of Patient Trajectories
ARLT, Stephanie (UVic) Advocating for Evidence-Based Policy to a Conservative Government: Challenges to Ontario Harm Reduction Policy Implementation
WINSTEAD, Teresa (Saint Martin’s U), WINSTEAD, Candace (CalPoly), TOD, Nick (Americorp Vista, SLO Opioid Safety Coalition), LEACHMAN, Nic and HERRING, Nick (CalPoly), CAMPBELL, Forrest (Saint Martin’s U) Overdose Training at a Syringe Exchange
BOYD, Jade (UBC & BC Ctr on Substance Use) “I’m not a quitter, I’m not quitting drugs”: North America’s First Women-Only Supervised Drug Consumption Site and Client Challenges to Conventional Notions of Drug Use


(W-124) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Broadway III
Innovative Curriculum and Instruction (Higher Ed TIG)

BRUNA, Sean and STODOLA, Tyler (WWU) Teaching in Turbulent Times: A Content Analysis of U.S.-Based Medical Anthropology Course Syllabi
KNISELY, Denise (NKU) “Mama Maimuna’s in charge” or Teaching Anthropology through Play
WEBLER, Thomas and JAKUBOWSKI, Karin (Keene State U) The Butt of a Joke: Using Humor in Social Media Messages to Motivate Proper Cigarette Butt Disposal
POST, Kristin (Marine Corps U) Changes in Higher Education: Preparing Military Officers for the 21st Century Global Health Environment


(W-125) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Broadway IV
Immigration, Diversity and Student Journeys to Higher Education

CHAIR: GUARNACCIA, Peter (Rutgers U)
ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: GUARNACCIA, Peter (Rutgers U), MOSES, Yolanda (UCR), SCHENSUL, Jean (UConn), STEPICK, Alex (Portland State U)


(W-126) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Pavilion East
Native American Community Engagement Projects: Methods and Process for Addressing Historical Trauma and Delivery of Care

ROUNDTABLE PARTICIPANTS: MCMULLIN, Juliet (UCR), MCGUIRE, Laurette (CSUSM), HUGHES, Regina (Riverside/San Bernardino Indian Hlth Inc), THORNTON, Luella (Community Member), RODRIGUEZ, Katheryn (UCR)


(W-127) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Pavilion West
The Application of Design Anthropology to Website Design: A Case Study on the Redesign of the NAPA Website with Implications for All Anthropology Associations (NAPA)

TAYLOR, E. Gigi and HOLLAND, Beth (UNT) The Socialization of Practicing Anthropologists: The Role Played by NAPA and Other Professional Organizations
KAINU, Morgan (UNT) User Experience of Anthropology Faculty Members: The Functionality of NAPA’s Website
SNIDER, Michele (UNT) The User Experience of Anthropology Students: Challenges and Recommendations for the NAPA Website
withdrawn O’NEILL, Skye (UNT) The General User’s Perspective of NAPA’s Website: Expectations and Experiences


(W-128) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Galleria I
Puerto Rico and the Diaspora: The Efforts and Capacity of Non-Profit Recovery Efforts (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIR: OLSON, Laura (Georgetown U)
PANELISTS: JEROLLEMAN, Alessandra (Jacksonville State U), DIETRICH, Alexa (SSRC), KOONS, Adam (FEMA), OLSON, Laura (Georgetown U)


(W-130) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Galleria III
Collaborating with Cities, Part II: Examining the Processes and Outcomes of Applied Research with Municipalities

CHAIR: RADONIC, Lucero (MI State U)
RADONIC, Lucero (MI State U) Reconceptualizing Conservation: Reflections from a Collaborative Program Evaluation in the Semi-Arid U.S. Southwest
ERICKSON, Jennifer (Ball State U) Diversity Matters: Why Cities Need Anthropologists
BODOH-CREED, Jessica (CSULA) Big Data and Urban Ethnography: How Cal State LA and the City of Los Angeles are Working to Create Data Literacy and Equity
HEBERLE, Lauren (U Louisville) Traversing Policy Silos: Developing Trusting Partnerships and Shared Knowledge


(W-133) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Parlor A
session cancelled - Radical Empathy Roundtable

CHAIRS: RENTERÍA-VALENCIA, Rodrigo and AMASON, J. Hope (Central Washington U)
Open Discussion


(W-134) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Parlor B
Homelessness & Systemic Injustices, Part II

CHAIR: FAIRBANKS, Julie (Coe Coll)
SNYDER, Karen (UBC) Measuring Change in Anti-Slavery Interventions: Evaluating Impact for Individuals, Communities, and Governments
PARKER, John (NCSU IEI & Wake Div) Beyond Resisting Empire: What Skills Do We Need Now?
BRACAMONTE-TWEEDY, Deborah (UC-Merced) Without a Home: Alternative Subsistence and Housing Strategies of the Past and Present
withdrawn RIVERA, Rebeca (UW-Bothell) Moving through the City: Experiences and Perceptions across the Housing Spectrum in Seattle


(W-135) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Parlor C
Students in Cognitive Anthropology, Part II (SAS)

STAPLETON, Charles (NIU & DuPage Coll) and STAPLETON, Maria (NIU) Cultural Models of Nature in a Semi-rural Highland Community in Central Mexico: Phase III
STEPHEN, Emily (NIU) Cultural Models of Mental Illness of Outpatients and Clinicians in DeKalb, Illinois
FUKUSHIMA, Chisaki (Newcastle U) Cultural Models of Risk: Adaptation and Managing Food Consumption in Western Japan
SULLIVAN, Briana and MURPHY, Shayna (SUNY New Paltz) What’s the Point?: Understanding Religious Identity among College-Aged Individuals


(W-137) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Council Suite
Households, Communities and Landscapes: Exploring Scale in Social-Ecological Dynamics Over Time and Across Space, Part II (PESO)

NELSON, Donald (UGA) and COUGHLAN, Michael (U Oregon) Land Use Trajectories: An Empirical Analysis of Smallholders and the Forest Transition in the South Carolina Piedmont
EVEN, Trevor (CO State U - NREL/GDPE) Situating Local-Scale Cultural Dynamics in Basin-Scale Socio-Hydrological Systems
MCGREEVY, John (UGA) Responses of Natural Resource Dependent Households to Press and Pulse Disturbances: Lessons from Ethnographic and Remote Sensing Analysis in Two Haitian Communities


(W-138) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Director’s Suite
What Can Birds Tell Us of Turbulent Times?

CHAIRS: SHAFFER, L. Jen (UMD) and SOURDRIL, Anne (Ladyss, CNRS, France)
SOURDRIL, Anne (CNRS-LADYSS), BARBARO, Luc (INRA-Dynafor), LE TOURNEAU, François-Michel and VINCENT, Lisa (U Arizona) What Bird Songs Can Tell Us of Local Perceptions of Environmental Changes?: A Case Study along a Gradient of Human Pressure in South Arizona
SHAFFER, L. JenBREITFELLER, JessicaTHIEME, Alison, and HARRELL, Reginal (UMD) Safe Passage: Considering Culture in the Conservation of African Vultures
ARCEÑO, Mark Anthony (Ohio State U) To See or Not to See: Landscape Change and the (Lack of) Avian Presence in Central Ohio Vineyards
DENIAU, Christophe (CIRAD) Understand “Human-Waterbirds-Wetlands Relationships” to Meet Conservation and Human Development Issues: An Empirical Social-Anthropological Case Study of Sahel-Sahara People Knowledge and Behaviour


(W-141) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Senate Suite
Environmental Coexistence, Collaboration and Knowledge, and Beyond, Part II

CHAIR: LU, Hsin-yi (Nat’l Taiwan U)
IRELAND, Ellen (IU-Terre Haute) Carp Fillet and Kudzu Salad: Why Invasive Species Aren’t on the Menu
LU, Hsin-yi (Nat’l Taiwan U) Wind Futures: Contested Sociotechnical Imaginaries of Renewable Energy in Taiwan
SAUNDERS, Michael (Tulane U) Religion, Ritual, and Resilience: A Maya Social-Ecological System
SCHUMAN, Andrea F. (Ctr for Scientific & Social Studies-Mérida) The Anaconda Strategy: How Tourism Squeezes the Life Out of Rural Communities


(W-142) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Studio Suite
From Water Buffaloes to Self-Driving Cars: Turbulent Times for Road Use, Part II (Business TIG)

CHAIR: WASSON, Christina (UNT)
DENNY, Rita (Practica Group) and SCULL, Charley (Filament Insight) Creating Place through Mobility Choices
GREGER, Jeffrey (SJSU & The Dumbarton Circle) and PAWAR, Bhargavi (SJSU) Autonomous Vehicles, Tactical Urbanism, and the Future of Power in America’s Streetscapes
MARLEY, Andrew and VINKE, Andrea (SJSU) Transportation Strategies of Non-Drivers in Silicon Valley
GLUESING, Julia (Wayne State U) and BELL, Donna (Ford Motor Co) The Vision for the Future of Mobility: Connecting Everything Is Reshaping the Urban Landscape


(W-143) WEDNESDAY 3:30-5:20
Skyline I
Engaging the Many Knowledges of Climate Change

CHAIR: GRAY, Benjamin (U Montana)
GRAY, Benjamin (U Montana) Natural Cycles Climate Change Skepticism and Analogies
BREITFELLER, Jessica (UMD) A Platform for Whom?: Indigenous Participation and Knowledge Sharing within the UN Climate Negotiations
ZIEGLER, Amber (Nez Perce Tribe) Weaving Knowledges: Transdisciplinary Collaboration in Tribal Climate Change Adaptation Planning
WELCH-DEVINE, Meredith (UGA) and BURKE, Brian J. (Appalachian State U) Environmental Knowledge in a Changing Climate: Integrating Ethnoecology and Political Ecology in Southern Appalachia
VINET, Brian (U Saskatchewan Alumnus) Redefining Global Warming and Climate Change


(W-153) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Broadway II
Anthropological Examinations of Experiences with Cancer

MARTINEZ TYSON, DinorahCHAVEZ, Melody, and RIGG, Khary (USF), LUBRANO, Barbara (Moffitt Cancer Ctr), LAKE, Paige (USF) “Cancer as Protected Status”: Perceptions of Opioid Use and Misuse within the Context of Cancer Survivorship
MEHTA, Kanan (USF) Voices, Silences and the Realm In-Between: Patterns of Cancer Disclosure among Indian Immigrants in the United States
MICHINOBU, Ryoko (Sapporo Met U) Relational Sense of Self: Children’s Shared Decision-Making in Cancer Wards
TEZAK, Ann Louise and WEIDNER, Anne (Vanderbilt U Med Ctr), CRAGUN, Debi (USF), CLOUSE, Kate and PAL, Tuya (Vanderbilt U Med Ctr) Facilitators and Barriers to Cancer Risk Management Practices and Family Sharing of Genetic Test Results among Female BRCA Carriers
ERWIN, Deborah O. (Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Ctr), JANDORF, Lina (Icahn Sch of Med-Mount Sinai) and KIVINIEMI, Marc (UKY) “That it’s supposed to be easy, but it ain’t so easy”: Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening in a Turbulent Health Care System


(W-154) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Broadway III
Addressing Educational Challenges through Innovative Research and Programs

withdrawn MCHUGH, Casey (School-to-School Int’l) Pregnant and Mothering Students within National Education Policies: A Critical Feminist Discourse Analysis with a Focus on Africa and Ethiopia
HACKMAN, Joseph (ASU) Education and Accessing Opportunities: Household Social Capital Effects on School Enrollment in Guatemala
GRENON, Marie Michele (U Laval) The Arrowmight Program: A Cuban Contribution for Literacy in Canada
BILOTTA, Juliane (Rutgers U Grad Sch of Ed) The Role of Applied Anthropology in Language Education Policy: Past, Present, and Future Perspectives
SHAPIRO, Arthur (USF) Combat Zone: The Continuing War Against the Public Schools, a Social Movement


(W-155) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Broadway IV
Addressing Activism and Understanding of Conflicts

TAUBERG, Mindy (UCI) Transformations through Interfaith Shared Prayer
STANLEY, Erin (Wayne State U) Undervalued and Overassessed: Tax Foreclosure Crisis and Anthropological Homework in Detroit
POSEGA, Jessica (Syracuse U) Legitimacy in Action: Activist Anthropology and Communities of Resistance
CREEK, Emily (U Denver) Collaborative Performance + Activism in Reykjavík Iceland
VARGAS, Zeles (UNT) Oppositional Consciousness as Social Justice: Discursive Changes in Denton Feminism
QASHU, Leila (Concordia U & McGill U) Participatory Video Explorations of Challenges and Resistance among Young Arsi Oromo Women in Ethiopia


(W-156) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Pavilion East
Evidence and Action in Spaces of Global Health Intervention in Africa

CHAIR: MOYER, Eileen (U Amsterdam)
BUKUSI, David (U Amsterdam) Knowledge to Practice: The Importance of Collecting Data on Suicide to Improve Mental Health Care
MUSARIRI CHIPATISO, Linda (U Amterdam) ‘Taming’ Men: Exploring the Limits of Evidence Making in Behavioral Change Interventions in Johannesburg, South Africa
MUNG’ALA, Lucy (U Amsterdam) We Mine Results!: Data Appropriation in African Sexual Health Interventions
MOYER, Eileen (U Amsterdam) Caring About Numbers to Care About People: The Role of the African State in Global Health Interventions


(W-158) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Galleria I
Climate Change, Risk, and Uncertainty: How Cultures Are Coping With the Effects of Climate Change (Risk & Disaster TIG)

CHAIR: HANSON, Thomas (CU-Boulder)
ALESHIRE, Jewel (UNT) Impacts of Climate Change: A Comparison of Fijian and Tuvaluan Culture
BEBEN, Zohra (Nazarbayev U) Coping Creatively in Uncertain Times: The Case of Central Asia
HANSON, Thomas (CU-Boulder) Tangled Intersections and Risk; Climate Change, Development, and Wildfire in the Bolivian Chiquitania
SHRESTHA, Milan (ASU) and BYERS, Alton (U Colorado, INSTAAR) Socio-ecological Systems of Glacial Floods and Disaster Risks in the Mt. Everest Region, Nepal


(W-159) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Galleria II
Honoring Native American Heritage through Collaborative Design
J. Anthony Paredes Memorial Plenary
Reception to Follow

CHAIRS: GARCE, David (GSBS Architects) and PARRY, Darren (Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Indian Nation)
PANELISTS: GARCE, David (GSBS Architects), PARRY, Darren (Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Indian Nation), GROSS, Michael (Councilman, Northwestern Band of the Shoshone Indian Nation), BOEKA CANNON, Molly (Executive Director, Utah StateU Museum of Anthropology), CANNON, Kenneth (President/Owner, Cannon Heritage Consultants Inc)


(W-160) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Galleria III
Undertsanding a Sense of Place and Identity within Communties

GINSBURG, Ellen (MCPHS U) What Is This Space?
WILLIAMSTON, Shabria (U Cincinnati) Identity in the New Age: Re-considering Epistemologies of the Self and the Collective
GRIFFITH, Lauren (TX Tech U) Ends versus Means: When a Foreign Sport Leads to Local Social Awareness
KIRKWOOD, Sandra (SDSU) Food, Nostalgia, and Home on the U.S./Mexico Border
GOLUBOVIC, Jelena (SFU) To Me, You Are Not a Serb: Ethnicity, Anxiety, and Ambiguity in Post-War Sarajevo
DEEMING, Karen (UC-Merced) Growing Changelings: Adult Adoptees and the Art of Belonging
MCSWAIN, Megan (TX State U) Being Nerds Together: Identity in the Rooster Teeth Fandom


(W-163) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Parlor A
Let’s Chat: Mental Health Challenges and Strategies for Wellness

CHAIRS: DANGERFIELD, Nadine (UMD), COLON CABRERA, David (Monash Hlth), and COOLS, Kyla (UMD)
Open Discussion


(W-164) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Parlor B
Anthropology in the Age of Trump. Should We Be Doing Something Differently?

PANELISTS: LOEWE, Ronald (CSULB), BAINES, Kristina (CUNY Guttman), MACEYKO, Melissa (CSULB), KELLY, Hilarie (La Verne Coll), MCDONALD, James (U Montevallo)


(W-165) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Parlor C
Navigating the Turbulent Politics of Homelessness Research

QUINTILIANI, Karen and BAGHDADI, Mitra (CSULB) City Politics, Homelessness and the Crisis of Representation: Designing and Implementing a Collaborative Research Project with Students
SAN AGUSTIN JR., Jeffrey (CSULB) Hard Facts/Hard Talk: Exploring Chronic Homelessness and Declination of Services in Long Beach, California
AUDELL, Acacia (CSULB) Lost in Transition: The Compounding Issues Regarding Insufficient Funding for Homeless Services
SHRIVER-RICE, Allyx and MADDUX, Erin (CSULB) Quality of Life Officers as Liaisons to Drug Detox and Rehabilitation Centers
NGUYEN, Thanh (CSULB) The Makings of a Home: A Look into Homeless Street Dwellings


(W-167) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Council Suite
Building Political Ecologies of Resistance: Risks, Relationships, Practice (PESO)

CHAIRS: WITTER, RebeccaPOWELL, Dana and BURKE, Brian (Appalachian State U)
WITTER, Rebecca (Appalachian State U) Risks Worth Taking: Poaching as Resistance in Mozambique’s Limpopo National Park
POWELL, Dana (Appalachian State U) The “Three E’s” Are Not Enough: Dispossessing “Alternatives”
BURKE, Brian (Appalachian State U) Building Cultures of Resistance and Transformation: On the Lessons and Risks of Anthropological Re-Engagement with Culture Change in the Anthropocene
BARKER, Holly (UW) Transforming Research Practices and Creating Systems to Curb Ethical Abuses in the Republic of the Marshall Islands
MONTOYA, Teresa (U Chicago) Settler Toxics: Chronic Risk and Contamination in Diné Communities
DISCUSSANTS: SATTERFIELD, Terre (UBC), JOHNSTON, Barbara Rose (Ctr for Political Ecology)


(W-172) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Studio Suite
The Senses and Embodiment in Consumption Practices (Business TIG)

DODSON, Michael (U Alabama) Sensory Experience and Embodiment in Third Wave Coffee
EDWARDS, Russell (USF) Making ‘Sense’ of Consumption: The Confluence of Sensory Systems and Skill in Experiencing Craft Beer
JDERU, Gabriel (U Bucharest) Digitization and Moto-mobility. An Ethnography of Motorcycle Maintenance and Repair Practices
CHUN, Bohkyung (OR State U) Digital Anthropology and the Future of Intimate Relationships


(W-173) WEDNESDAY 5:30-7:20
Skyline I
Inputs to Marine and Coastal Management: Wellbeing, Stakeholder Engagement, and Funding as Different Approaches to a Shared Problem

CHAIR: SPALDING, Ana (OR State U & Smithsonian Tropical Rsch Inst)
JONES, Kristin (U New Haven) Perspectives and Opinions of East Coast and Mid-Atlantic Fishery Councilmen and Fishermen on Factors That Influence the Potential for the Implementation of Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management
THOMAS, Julia (GA Southern U) Local Commercial Fishermen’s Proposed Solutions for Revitalizing the Fishing Industries in Coastal Georgia
LAUFER, Adrian (OR State U) Funding the Ocean: Understanding Funding Decisions to Ensure Longevity for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife Marine Reserves Program
SAYRE, Danielle (GA Southern U) Interpretations of Illness and Health-seeking Behaviors of Southeast Commercial Fishermen
KRUL, Karina (U New Haven) The Effect of Environmental Awareness on Attitude toward Sustainable Development: A Case Study of Plum Island, NY
MARTIN, Kayla-Maria (OR State U & OR Sea Grant) “Don’t Pack a Pest!”: Characterizing a Collaborative Approach for Invasive Species Prevention and Education
IWANE, Mia (UH-Mānoa/JIMAR/PIFSC), OLESON, Kirsten (UH-Mānoa), LEONG, Kirsten (PISFC/NOAA), VAUGHAN, Mehana (UH-Mānoa), and HUTCHINSON, Melanie (PIFSC/NOAA, Hawaiʻi Inst of Marine Biology) Seeking Collaboration in Fisheries Management: Engaging Hawaiʻi Small-Scale Fishers to Mitigate Pelagic Shark Mortality

WEDNESDAY 7:30-9:30
Grand Ballroom
Welcome Reception

This social celebrates the opening of the 79thAnnual Meeting, and is one of the high points of the meeting.  SfAA President Ervin will preside and introduce prominent guests.  Hors d’oeuvres will be served and beverages may be purchased.