Sustainable Relationships: The Future of Applied Anthropology in Native Communities



COOK, Katsi (Akwesasne Mohawk midwife, environmentalist, Native American rights activist, and women’s health advocate)

FOWLER WILLIAMS, Lucy (UPenn, Assoc Curator, Jeremy A. Sabloff Keeper, Penn Museum)

STARBARD, Robert (Tlingit, Administrative Director of the Hoonah Indian Assoc)

LEFLER, Lisa (Western Carolina U, Director, Culturally Based Native Health Programs)

HOLLAND, TJ (Cherokee, EBCI Cultural Resource Officer)

MARSH, Diana (National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Museum of Natural History)

This year’s theme for the annual SfAA meeting is Sustainable Futures. The topic for the Paredes Memorial session will be centered around the practices and ideologies that can serve to sustain relationships between native communities and the anthropologists who work with them. The relationships between communities and the anthropologists who work with them were of particular interest to Tony and he sought to foster their sustainability and survival. These relationships can take a number of forms in various contexts, and this session will provide a space for the exploration of the potential in this diversity.

Listen to the Plenary Session online