A Tribute to Tony: Destinations and Contributions of James Anthony “Tony” Paredes (1939-2013)

This tribute session honors James Anthony “Tony” Paredes, past President of SfAA, ethnologist and applied anthropologist and recognizes his contributions from destinations in a career spanning more than 45 years. American Indian anthropology remained Tony’s lifelong destination and presenters consider his work among American Indian peoples, especially in the Southeast.  Collaborative research led to other destinations, and presenters consider Tony’s side trip to fisheries in the Gulf of Mexico.  Significant outcomes - scholarly, public and policy-relevant - are highlighted.  Discussants identify common themes and expand on Tony’s contributions. Time is allotted for session attendees to offer additional tributes. 

CHAIR: OVERBEY, Mary Margaret (U Tampa, USF)

ARCHAMBAULT, JoAllyn (Smithsonian) A Generous Man

ROTH, George (Interior Dept, retired) Practical History and Poarch Creek Recognition

HENDERSON, J. Neil (U Oklahoma) The Perspective of ‘Empathetic Objectivity’: J. Anthony Paredes’ Contribution to American Indian Studies

OVERBEY, Mary Margaret (U Tampa, USF) Gone Fishing: A Side Trip to Fisheries Yields a Good Catch

DISCUSSANTS: SCHENSUL, Stephen L. (UConn Sch Med) and LAMPHERE, Louise (UNM)