SfAA 77th Annual Meeting
La Fonda on the Plaza Hotel, Santa Fe, NM
March 28 - April 1, 2017

Trails, Traditions, and New Directions

March 28, 2017

Santa Fe/New Mexico Day—a series of presentations and special events focused on Santa Fe and the greater Southwest. Anthropologists, archaeologists, and other applied social scientists have joined with interested residents to examine the region’s remarkably diverse heritage, its complex and challenging present, and its future as a world destination. Sponsored by the Society for Applied Anthropology, this event marks the first day of its annual conference, March 28-April 1, 2017. The public is invited to attend the events on March 28, free of charge, as an expression of our commitment to engage with the community as we explore our shared social and cultural worlds.

PDF of Santa Fe/New Mexico Day Program

Attention Students!!!

We’re only a month away until the Annual Meeting in Santa Fe! With so many engaging presentations and activities, we at the SfAA could use some help from student volunteers. For those interested in great opportunities to interact with other attendees and gain free SfAA membership, follow the link below. We look forward to working together and seeing you soon! 

Volunteering Info

Tours and Workshops are now available to purchase online. All tickets are on a fist come first serve basis. We reserve the right to cancel in the event that there is not enough participants to hold the tour or workshop, if this happens your ticket will be refunded. Cancelation does require 48 hours advance notice before the start time.

View the 2017 Annual Meeting Program Online

You are not limited to flying into Santa Fe. Try flying into the Albuquerque Airport (which may be a little cheaper). There are several different options to get to Santa Fe from public transportation to rental cars. Go here for more information.