Clarice Amorim

2015 SfAA Student Endowed Award Winner

student_Amorim.jpgMy name is Clarice Amorim and I am currently a PhD student in Public Health (Health Promotion and Health Behavior) at Oregon State University. I have background in Anthropology – both as an undergraduate and as a graduate student at the University of Kansas – which is of great importance to my career. Being an anthropologist guides my research interests and allows me to contribute in a unique way to a very interdisciplinary field. As a student, I am in the process of conducting secondary data analysis for my independent research project, in which I use quantitative methods to explore a possible longitudinal association between acculturation levels and blood pressure trajectories in a sample of older Latinos. As a graduate research assistant, I use qualitative methods to analyze and better understand the dynamics of caregiving among Latino caregiver-care receiver dyads. As a future researcher, I am interested in understanding the role that culture plays in the health of Latinos living in the United States, and I hope to pursue projects that may have a direct impact in health of this aging population.