Leila Sievanen
2008 SfAA Student Endowed Award Winner

endowed_sievanen.jpgI recently received a PhD from the environmental anthropology department from the University of Washington. My dissertation “Social Seascapes, Political Landscapes: Conflict and Cooperation within an Indonesian Marine Park”, investigated social conflict in a well-known marine protected area. My research highlights the importance of considering a socio-ecological approach to marine management. I demonstrate the value of social science, and particularly anthropology, in its ability to theorize the social and cultural constraints that led to the arguable failure of social goals to be met in this park and ramification for its biological success.

I have worked on fisheries issues on the United States West Coast and Alaska through employment at the Northwest Fisheries Science Center, Alaska Fisheries Science Center, and a California-based fisheries anthropology consulting firm.  

I received my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences, with an Ecology and Evolution emphasis, from the University of California at Davis.