Peter K. New Student Prize Competition Guidelines 

A competition for student research papers in the social sciences.



The Competition is open to any person who was registered as a student at the graduate or undergraduate level in a college or university during the calendar year, 2018.  An eligible student is one who does not have a previously earned doctoral degree.  For example, a person with an M.D. degree who is registered as a student in a Ph.D. program is not eligible, and vice versa. 

To be eligible, the manuscript should report on research that in large measure has not been previously published.  The competition will be limited to manuscripts that have a single author; multiple-authored papers will not be eligible.

The winner of the Competition must be available to attend the 79th Annual Meeting of the Society in Portland,OR, March 19-23, 2019 and present the paper.  The winner is also expected to submit the paper to our journal, Human Organization, for review and possible publication.  Students who have previously won either first or second place in the Peter K. New Competition are not eligible in subsequent years. 


The paper should be double-spaced and must be less than 45 pages in length (this includes footnotes, tables, and appendices). Please note that papers longer than the 45 page limit will not be forwarded to the judges.  The paper should conform to the guidelines of conventional style manuals. 

Online submission form


The research and the paper should use the social/behavioral sciences to address in an applied fashion an issue or question in the domain (broadly construed) of health care or human services. 


All submissions must be received in the Office of the Society by November 30, 2018.  The judging for the Competition will begin in December.  The winner will be announced in early January of 2019.  The winner will be recognized and the paper presented at the annual meeting of the Society in Portland, OR.


The papers will be evaluated on the basis of the following general criteria:

  1. Originality
  2. Research design/method
  3. Clarity of analysis and presentation
  4. Contribution to the social/behavioral sciences


The first place winner of the Competition will receive a cash prize of  $3,000. In addition, the winner will also receive a Baccarat crystal trophy.  Second place will receive $1,500 and third $750. All winners will receive a sum of $350 to partially offset the cost of transportation and lodging at the annual meeting of the Society.