Eliza Guyol-Meinrath

2014 Kushner Award Winner


Eliza Guyol-Meinrath is a Ph.D student with a concentration in Cultural Anthropology at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. Her primary research interests are conflict and genocide studies, as well as the relationship between globalization, development and human rights. Her current research focuses on the legacies of violence in Guatemala and Peru, assessing the ways global, national and local understandings and applications of justice and human rights intersect. Eliza holds an M.A. in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (2010) and a B.A. cum laude in Classical Archaeology from the University of Evansville (2007) with minors in Spanish and Anthropology. 


Amelia Tseng

2014 Kushner Award Winner


kushner_2014_tseng.jpgAmelia Tseng is a Ph.D Candidate with a concentration in sociolinguistics in the Department of Linguistics at Georgetown University. Her primary research interests are the sociolinguistics of language contact and (im)migration, specifically language and identity practices, with focus on multilingualism and emergent dialects. Her current research examines these topics in U.S. Latino communities using sociolinguistic variation analysis, linguistic anthropology, sociophonetics, and discourse analytic methodology. Amelia’s dissertation project, supported by a National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, addresses the relationship between language as a social practice, the development of contact “ethnolects,” and Latino identity in Washington, D.C. She has also published on code-switching and bilingual radio. Amelia holds an M.S. in Linguistics from Georgetown University (2011), an M.A. in Spanish from Arizona State University (2009), and a B.A. magna cum laude in English Honors and Spanish from Wellesley College (2002).