Prof. JoAllyn Archambault

hackenberg-2014-archambault.jpgThe Robert Hackenberg Lecture 2014 guest speaker will be Prof. JoAllyn Archambault, Program Director of the American Indian Program at the National Museum of Natural History, Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC.

The presentation is titled An Indian Anthropologist or an Indian who happens to be an anthropologist: American Indian people have a convoluted relationship with anthropology, applied or otherwise, while anthropologists of all sorts have an even more complicated  connection with the subjects of their research. This history is of long making and has changed its complexion several times, especially as more Native students began entering the field in the late 1960’s and 70’s. Younger people have demanded new arrangements between tribes, native individuals, urban and rural communities, and national Indian organizations. National cultural developments such as the rise of ethnic nationalism have also played a role. This and other topics will be discussed in the lecture.

This topic and frame of analysis reflects precisely the life work of Robert Hackenberg, for whom the Lecture is named.  

Archambault earned her doctorate at the University of California in Berkeley in 1984, where she later taught Native American Studies. As Program Director at the National Museum of Natural History she has organized various exhibitions, including Plains Indian Arts: Change and Continuity, 100 Years of Plains Indian Painting, Indian Baskets and Their Makers, and Seminole Interpretations.