Sverker Finnström

2009 Margaret Mead Award Recipient

mead_finnstrom.jpgSverker Finnström was born in Umeå in 1970, but grew up in Linköping. He moved to Uppsala in 1992 to study anthropology. Besides anthropology, he has studied The History of Religions, Logic and Metaphysics/Theoretical Philosophy, Science of Religions, Human Ecology, Modernism/Post Modernism, and Method, Practice and Theory in the Humanities. He defended his PhD in 2003. He has taught courses in Investigative Anthropological Methodology, The History of Anthropological Theory, African Studies, Civil Society, and Culture in Armed Conflicts. He has also been the team coordinator of the Living Beyond Conflict Seminar, a Sida funded research environment at Uppsala University. He joined Stockholm University in 2007.