Anthony Oliver-Smith
2013 Bronislaw Malinowski Award Recipient


Anthony Oliver-Smith is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology at the University of Florida with affiliations with the Center for Latin American Studies and the School of Natural Resources and Environment at that institution. He held the Munich Re Foundation Chair on Social Vulnerability at the United Nations University Institute on Environment and Human Security in Bonn, Germany for 2007-8.

Dr. Oliver-Smith has done anthropological research and consultation on issues relating to disasters and involuntary resettlement in Peru, Honduras, India, Brazil, Jamaica, Mexico, Japan, and the United States. He has served on the executive boards of the National Association of Practicing Anthropologists and the Society for Applied Anthropology and on the Social Sciences Committee of the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute. He is also a member of La Red de Estudios Sociales en Prevención de Desastres en America Latina and is on the editorial boards of Environmental Disasters, Sociological Inquiry and Desastres y Sociedad.

His work on disasters has focused on issues of post-disaster aid and reconstruction, vulnerability analysis and social organization, including class/race/ethnicity/gender based patterns of differential aid distribution, social consensus and conflict, and social mobilization of community-based reconstruction efforts. His work on involuntary resettlement has focused on the impacts of displacement, place attachment, resistance movements, and resettlement project analysis. He is the author, editor or co-editor of 8 books and over 50 articles and book chapters on these topics.