2016 Pelto International Scholar Award

The 2016 Pertti Pelto International Travel Award Recipient is Patricia J. Hammer, Director of the civic association the Center for Social Well Being www.socialwellbeing.org based in Peru.

1-DrHammer2002.jpgAn applied medical anthropologist, Patricia J. Hammer, is dedicated to Community Participatory Action Research (CPAR) methodology as a composite of formative research instruments that strengthen community organization for engagements in movements to push policy and sustain viable articulations between Andean rural populations and government institutions. An international health consultant specialized in women, adolescent and community well being she develops, tests and implements strategies for government ministries of health, international NGOs such as CARE, Save the Children, Pathfinder, Doctors without Borders, as well as with locally based municipalities and organizations primarily in Peru and Bolivia.

Since the inauguration of the Masters Degree Program in Social Policy in 2004 at the state university of Huaraz, Peru, UNASAM (Universidad Nacional Santiago Antúnez de Mayolo) Dr. Hammer teaches and develops required curriculum and also serves as thesis advisor for her students, all of whom are Peruvian professionals responsible for the implementation of national social programs to build community capacity and alleviate poverty.

Patricia Hammer is founder of the civic association, Center for Social Well Being (CSW) in Carhuaz, Ancash, Peru that provides an interdisciplinary field training program for international graduate and undergraduate university students and professionals. The center is a fully sustainable organic ranch, run with solar and wind energy and a working model for local indigenous communities in pursuit of viable alternatives for autonomous development that include agrobiodiversity, particularly the protection of native seeds, as well as climate change mitigation and adaptation. Her recent publication in ReVista Harvard Review of Latin America http://revista.drclas.harvard.edu/book/patsa-puqun addresses her work. She is a social science writer for the regional Peruvian newspaper the Huaraz Telegraph in Ancash, Peru (http://www.thehuaraztelegraph.com/2015/09/from-theory-to-sustainable-alternatives-at-la-casa-de-pocha-in-carhuaz/www.thehuaraztelegraph.com/2015/09/from-theory-to-sustainable-alternatives-at-la-casa-de-pocha-in-carhuaz/ ).