SfAA Call For Nominations 

In December 2018 the SfAA membership will be invited to elect members to the following positions: 

 Secretary (1)

 Board of Directors Member, Regular (2)

 Nominations and Elections Committee Member (1)

To facilitate the development of a diverse and representative slate, the SfAA Nominations and Elections Committee is encouraging all eligible SfAA Members to nominate themselves or colleagues as potential candidates for these positions. Potential candidates for all three positions must be current Fellow SfAA members and willing to accept nomination should they be selected for the ballot. The submission of nominations will be accomplished with the guidance of the Nominations and Elections Committee.

To nominate oneself or a colleague please provide: 1) a brief statement indicating the candidate's suitability for the position; 2) current contact information; and 3) a current resume or CV. Nominations may be submitted via email to through July17, 2018.

The Nominations and Elections Committee will review nominations, evaluate potential candidates’ materials with an eye towards equitable representation of employment type, professional focus, nation of residence, and career stage, and recommend candidates for placement on the slate. Final selections among the candidates will be determined by a vote of the membership in December 2018.

A brief description of each position is provided below for reference and you can find additional information in the SfAA by laws. SfAA leadership can only reflect our myriad interests and needs through participation of its members. The Nominations & Elections Committee strongly encourages nomination of members at all career stages; individuals with a range of orientations to professional, practicing, and applied anthropology; and persons residing outside of the continental United States.

Please direct any questions regarding the nominations process to the SfAA office, or to the SfAA Nominations and Elections Committee:

Juliana McDonald, Chair

Sera Young

Elizabeth Marino


The Secretary serves a term of three years.  The By-laws do not prohibit the re-election of the Secretary.  The candidates in the election for the position of Secretary are usually individuals who have served a term as a Member of the Board of Directors. The prior experience provides an understanding of Board procedures and policies that are helpful in carrying out the responsibilities of the position.  

The Secretary is responsible for coordinating the agenda of the Board meetings each year, compiling the minutes of each Board meeting, and managing the process of draft revisions and approval. The Secretary develops the Board meeting agenda in conjunction with the President, establishes a timetable for compiling the Board packet, and invites committee chairs to submit written reports for the Board meeting.  As the meeting agenda is established, the Secretary identifies items for the consent agenda. Finally, the Secretary serves as a member of the Executive Committee and is a voting member of the Board.  The incoming Secretary will assume office at the 2019 SfAA meeting in Portland, OR.  

Board of Directors Member, Regular (2)

The term of office for a member of the Board of Directors is three years. Board members are expected to participate in the two meetings of the Board that are held each year. The Spring Meeting is held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society whereas the Fall Meeting is customarily held in association with the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association (AAA). Incoming Board members will assume office at the 2019 SfAA meeting in Portland, OR.

Current Board of Directors

Nominations and Elections Committee Member

The Nominations and Elections Committee solicits and reviews the names of potential candidates for elective offices. The Committee is also responsible for informing potential candidates about the duties and obligations of the offices. Finally, the Committee is responsible for obtaining from the candidates the biographical statements that are used at the time of the election. The Nominations and Elections Committee consists of three members each of whom serves a three-year term. The term is staggered; one new member is elected each year. The members of the Nominations and Elections Committee are elected by the members of the Society. They are the only elected SfAA Committee, save the members of the Board of Directors and the Officers. The incoming committee member will assume office at the 2019 SfAA meeting in Portland, OR. 

Current Nominations & Elections Committee members