SfAA Call For Nominations

In November - December 2019 the SfAA membership will be invited to elect members to the following positions:

   President-elect

   Board of Directors Member, Regular (2)

   Student Member, Board of Directors (1)

   Nominations and Elections Committee Member (1) 

To facilitate the development of a diverse and representative slate, the SfAA Nominations and Elections Committee is encouraging all eligible SfAA Members to nominate themselves or colleagues as potential candidates for these positions. Nominees for President-elect, Board of Director Member, and Nominations and Elections Committee Member positions must be current Fellows of the Society for Applied Anthropology. The Student Member of the Board is not required to be a Fellow. All potential candidates must be willing to accept nomination should they be selected for the ballot. The submission of nominations will be accomplished with the guidance of the Nominations and Elections Committee. 

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Welcome to the SfAA!

The Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) was founded in 1941 to promote the investigation of the principles of human behavior and the application of these principles to contemporary issues and problems.  The Society is unique among professional associations in membership and purpose, representing the interests of professionals in a wide range of settings - academia, business, law, health and medicine, government, etc. The unifying factor is a commitment to making an impact on the quality of life in the world.

The Society for Applied Anthropology hosts an annual meeting each year for its membership. The 80th annual meeting will be held in Albuquerque, NM from March 17-21, 2020. The theme for this meeting will be Cultural Citizenship and Diversity in Complex Societies. Go to Annual Meeting for more information. 

The Society for Applied Anthropology proudly sponsors prestigious awards including the Malinowski Award, the Peter K. New Award, and the Sol Tax Award. Additionally, the SfAA co-sponsors the Margaret Mead Award with the American Anthropological Association.