A/V Equipment

The Society will provide LCD projectors and screens for each meeting room at no charge.  SfAA does NOT provide laptops, VGA adapters (for macs), or external speakers.

If anyone in your session is using PowerPoint, at least one participant will need to bring a laptop.  It is important to condense all the PowerPoint presentations onto one CD or memory stick.  This will save time changing disks between papers.


••• Mac users will need to bring their own VGA adaptors. •••


SfAA will provide microphones and speakers only if a meeting room is large enough to necessitate.  Most meeting rooms do not require this equipment.  Presenters may bring their own external speakers if desired.

Video presenters must bring their own DVD capable laptop.  SfAA will provide a projector, screen, and speakers.

Wi-fi access varies from Hotel to Hotel and is not always available at no cost in the meeting rooms.  If you require wi-fi for your presentation, please contact the meeting Hotel or SfAA for details.