Annual Meeting Information

A/V Equipment

SfAA will provide LCD projectors and screens for each meeting room at no charge. SfAA does NOT provide laptops, VGA adapters, or external speakers.

If anyone in your session is using PowerPoint, at least one participant will need to bring a laptop. It is important to condense all the PowerPoint presentations onto one CD or memory stick. This will save time changing disks between papers.

*** Apple Mac users will need to bring their own VGA adaptors. There is no standard VGA adaptor for Mac laptops. VGA adaptors vary depending on the year and model of your Mac laptop. Therefore, you must purchase a Mac VGA adaptor for your particular model and bring it with you to Pittsburgh. Some newer Windows-based laptops also have non-standard ports for LCD projectors and may require a VGA adaptor.***

SfAA will provide microphones and speakers only if a meeting room is large enough to necessitate. Most meeting rooms do not require this equipment.

Video presenters must bring their own DVD capable laptop. SfAA will provide a projector and screen.

Welcome to the New SfAA.Net!

The Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) was founded in 1941 to promote the investigation of the principles of human behavior and the application of these principles to contemporary issues and problems.  The Society is unique among professional associations in membership and purpose, representing the interests of professionals in a wide range of settings - academia, business, law, health and medicine, government, etc. The unifying factor is a commitment to making an impact on the quality of life in the world.

The Society for Applied Anthropology hosts an annual meeting each year for its membership. The 2015 annual meeting will be held in Pittsburgh from March 24-28. SfAA will be celebrating 75 years of promoting the applied social sciences and charting the path for the next 75 years.

The Society for Applied Anthropology proudly sponsors prestigious awards including the Malinowski Award, the Peter K. New Award, and the Sol Tax Award. Additionally, the SfAA co-sponsors the Margaret Mead Award with the American Anthropological Association.